help my wife get healthy

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TaylorI'm revamping my goals

And will fit this in somewhere else. 7 years ago

TaylorNot being helpful

Sunday afternoon we went to my boss’s house for a Christmas party. Lots of wine, and I kept refilling my wife’s glass, which was dumb. She was fine for a while, but got sick later. She has a problem with sulfites in wine, and while they didn’t bother her initially as they often do, they caught up with her later. 7 years ago

TaylorIt's ragweed season

And she’s somewhat miserable.

I need to remember not to push her to go out this time of the year. 7 years ago


I’m worried about the affect the stress of my mother-in-law’s cancer and upcoming radiation treatment is having on my wife’s health. I don’t believe the cancer is very advanced, so we’re not in any immediate danger of losing her mom, but even the prospect of losing her mom is something that’s very traumatic because they’re best friends.

She’s consumed with worry about her mom, and told me this morning she’s been having pain in her arms she thinks is from high blood pressure. She may also be starting to have panic attacks. And she’s had trouble sleeping.

We’re going to visit her mom on Saturday (about 5 hours away), and she said he’s going to have a hard time holding it together when she sees her mom. She warned me she’s going to really break down when we leave. I don’t know whether I should suggest this, but I kind of think it would be good for them to have a cry together and really deal with things instead of putting up strong fronts for each other.

Anyway, I just need to really be on top of things to help her through this. 7 years ago

Taylornew shoes

She’s had a lot of problems with her feet—finding the right shoes, etc. This week she found some Merrill’s on sale, and loves them. Hopefully this will help her to walk more, which will lead to better health. 7 years ago

TaylorShe's doing better

Swelling went down, arm doesn’t hurt anymore. 7 years ago

TaylorI'm worried

She’s having a problem with her arm where she had a metal plate put in several years ago after a bad break. She may need surgery to have it removed, which could present big problems because of her reactions to anesthetic and antibiotics. If this does happen, I need to be there for her much more than when she had the accident. We’re so close to our dreams that she can’t afford a setback. 8 years ago

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