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figure out what religion i am

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user1348 2 years ago


Figuring out what I should believe in. I pray sometimes, but it never seems like enough. I thank each and everyday that I don’t ave diabetes. I’d like to think God is helping me out, and giving me a chance to lose weight, to not limit me to anything other than ambition and motivation.

I just don’t know. 2 years ago

toughitoutkid 2 years ago

BrandonCook 2 years ago

leann25 2 years ago

AdeleA question

does anybody know a name for my beliefs? 2 years ago

Adelewhat i believe

i believe in a force or spirit or power or energy or something that connects the souls of all humans beings and living creatures and nature
i believe that energy is simply a connection. not higher or lower than anything else, not holy or supreme, but just extant
i believe in the concept of om—that the world has a buzzing, electrifying or calming, energy to it that is always given off—its a connecting mechanism.
i believe that all people are searching for happiness, and that wrongdoing occurs because of the diversity in the definition of “happiness”.
i believe in heaven and hell. not as places for the afterlife, but rather as states of mind. if a person believes they are wholeheartedly doing the “right” thing and does “right” deeds, their state of mind is lighter and happier—heaven. if a person knows they are doing the “wrong” thing and consciously commits “wrong” deeds, their state of mind is clouded—hell.
therefore, a person can float back and forth and infinitely choose where there state of mind lies by committing their choice of deeds and thoughts.
i believe that life evolved on Earth through evolution.
i believe that when something dies, its corporeal energy sinks back into the earth and nourishes something new—contributes to the om. its spiritual energy guides the living.
i do not know why life exists.
does anybody know a name for these beliefs? 2 years ago

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