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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

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aliise 2 years ago

aswedishlimeAnderson Cooper's giggles

...have me in stitches every time!!! 11 months ago

ickyfrome 9 years ago


I’m truly grateful that i found a circle of fun and supportive friends in my uni life.
Thanks to my friends Harvin and Li Ting, i laugh a lot~! TQTQTQ23 months ago

Daniel 23 months ago

seasonsoflove 2 years ago

Dia 3 years ago

hansengel 5 years ago

aswedishlimeJ and I watched Bridesmaids

the other night, and laughed a whole lot. It has a lot of awkward, sexual humor, cringe-worthy in a way akin to Borat. But we heartily enjoyed it. 2 years ago

aswedishlimea homemade music video/parody

of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA!

I die every time!! 2 years ago

lyrnsync 2 years ago

SoCalledChaos86Funny films

I watched Bridesmaids for the first time last night and LOVED it :) I laughed so hard! What are your favourite funny films? I also love Monty Python’s Life of Brian. 2 years ago

SoCalledChaos86 2 years ago

aswedishlimeBarack Obama sings "Born This Way"

Wasn’t sure quite how this would come out, but overall I was very amused! 2 years ago

texastiger69 6 years ago

aswedishlimeDo cows like jazz??

Apparently so!

This video was so cute! The cows were mesmerized. 2 years ago


Last night I asked J to play with my hair. “Just until you find you like it,” I coaxed.

He ran his fingers through it, and then grabbed two sections of it. “I’m Harry,” he said as he flipped one section back and forth. “I’m Curly,” he said as he flipped the other section back and forth.

“Let’s have tea!” he cried.

Laughing, I looked at him incredulously.

“What?” he said. “You told me to play with your hair.”

Oh, that boy. 2 years ago

aswedishlime 7 years ago

aswedishlimeI put this back up

...when vainly I wanted 100 cheers on the goal, but also to remind me to post more of my stories. I think I can still do that without the visual prompt of it appearing on my list, so DONE this is.

I will say it’s a great goal to have and keep visual, if you really want to invite more laughter into your life. :) 2 years ago

aswedishlimeJ's Holiday Party

...was last night, and we went. I know many of the other interns and a few of the senior residents, and have met some of the attendings and maybe a nurse or two.

At this party there were over a hundred staff and some of their significant others, and though I suspect underneath the white coats and formality lays a bunch of bunch of normal, fun-loving folks, what I didn’t expect was what party animals everybody was!

Everyone was very jovial, jumping around the dancefloor, taking wild pictures, laughing, having a great time, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. J’s nemesis even purposely came by to say hello and shake our hands. J even went out the dancefloor and danced with me for a song. Long enough to have his picture snapped to record the event. We only kind of fought about his non-dancing for half an hour or so, quietly at our table…

There are two of the attendings I recently met (married to each other, no children) who are lavishly in love with life. The wife wore this metallic-shimmering red halter dress with big ruffles at the bottom, her husband wore kind of a tuxedo with a red vest and red bowtie, and I believe they were having the most fun – singing all the words to every song, twirling about, letting loose in ways I have never seen anyone of their caliber to… I think they’re in their forties, and they were dancing around like they were 21. And there are times when I might think that’s kinda weird, but in their case it was endearing and contagious.

I laughed so hard. 3 years ago

aswedishlimeThe Hiccups

I get the hiccups a lot. J used to find it very funny, because he thought only six year olds got hiccups as frequently as I do.

Last night after dinner, I made the realization I probably get the hiccups (as one cause) in response to over-eating, the same way he gets heartburn after eating too much. We’re walking and I keep hiccuping every few steps, followed by ‘ow’ (because my stomach hurts it’s so full), and then a couple of giggles, and another ‘ow’, and then the cycle continues.

Then we were walking under train tracks, in this tunnel-like structure, and one hiccup reverberated off of all the walls, echoing so loud that I cracked myself up. That was enough to ‘scare’ them away, and made us laugh even more. 3 years ago

aswedishlimePlaying Apples to Apples with Emily Dickinson

My mother-in-law was recently hospitalized, and though needing to be there for medication monitoring, she otherwise felt totally fine and was rather feisty. She requested that we bring games to the hospital, and ranked Apples to Apples as a favorite.

I find that Apples to Apples is funnest with at least five people. Three just does not work, four is doable, but I thought five would be best, and joked that we could call the nurses in every ten minutes to get a fifth player. Haha.

My mother-in-law saw Emily Dickinson peering back on her Kindle screen and suggested we could play with her for the fifth person. We set up Emily in between my MIL’s legs and gave her her own set of cards. We figured we could blame Emily for any ‘weird’ pairings (since we threw her choice in randomly) and when Emily ‘judged’, my mother-in-law adopted Emily’s persona and chose cards using Emily’s sensibilities. It was such a riot. (Upon judging ‘angry’, I remember Emily chose my card ‘waterfalls’ for the poetic nature of waterfalls being angry.)

Emily even won three cards of her own!

We were laughing so hard, I thought for sure the hospital staff was going to come in the room and ask what the ruckus was all about! 3 years ago

charmingmanukMore laughing

Spent most of the weekend with Conxi and I’m pleased to say that we are happier than ever and laughing.

I would like to laugh more around her family which means I must improve my Spanish – another Goal! 3 years ago

aswedishlimeJimmy Kimmel: I ate all your Halloween candy

I remember hearing about this ruse on the news back during Halloween. Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to videotape telling their kids that they had eaten all their Halloween candy and just record what their reactions are. I had heard how much it made kids cry, and a small part of me chuckled about the idea, but mostly, I remembered when my mom ate any of my candy (for real and without asking) and I was quite a bit bummed. So I never actually watched any of it, only read about it.

Well, somehow I came across a youTube video from the show yesterday, and the crying got to me, but the last two kids (brothers) who were featured were honestly hysterical. I thought it was great.

Then, last night, I showed J a TED talk, which he was anticipating to be a comedian and told me he wasn’t interested if it wasn’t a comedian. It turned out he liked the TED talk, but I felt inspired to show him the YouTube video for his “something funny.” I searched for it, and ended up finding the original video of just the two kids, which had been my highlight from the montage!!! J was dying. I was dying all over again, and this time I had someone laughing with me. Then we watched the montage video and were still laughing over those same two kids, with J hearing more of it than the first time.

So, I present:
The original video (I think they may have won the challenge)
The montage of clips presented on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

Oh my goodness, laughing all over again.

Oh, they’re so cute!!! They didwin3 years ago

rexcrouser 3 years ago

charmingmanukSMARTening this goal

Difficult to make this timebound. But if I’m laughing most days, most weeks then I can say we’re there. 3 years ago


Have been laughing a lot recently with Conxi which is great. Silly things but genuine laughter. I reckon if I can meet up with more friends more often and do the same this goal will soon be done. 3 years ago

Texas Lin 8 years ago

aswedishlimeI have a lot of laughter in my life

But I continue to seek more. 3 years ago

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