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sainthoodFriday, December 21st, 2012

Saw Tegan and Sara and The Killers (ew)
Got there late with Korn after a huge fight with my father. Got a kind of shitty spot. I’m incredibly upset about the entire thing. My lil babies were so good though! I’ll happily shell out money to see them, regardless of how long they play.

Finally on vacation. I asked for a “proper” journal for Christmas so I can actually write down things more often. 16 months ago

sainthoodSaturday and Sunday, December 15th + 16th, 2012

Accomplishing nothing in the way of school! Tonight is going to be filled with u.s. history and lit prep! Also last minute hand-made gifts!

I have an awful cold, and I think it is getting worse? Urgh.

One more week until vacation – thank god. 16 months ago

sainthoodFriday, December 14th, 2012

It has been QUITE a long time since I was on this website!

I regret not keeping track of every single day. So many things have happened.

Last night I was in a one act at a local high school – I felt incredibly accomplished afterward. Both of the teachers who led us have become so important to me.

I really miss being on antidepressants – I could actually function when I was on them. I’m starting to get my motivation back THANK GOD16 months ago

user38017 18 months ago

sainthoodTuesday, September 25th

I saw Prince and was shocked that I enjoyed it so much! School bores me, and work is piling up. I came across a quote today that I can’t stop thinking about

“For lonely people, rain is a chance to be touched.”
- Simon Van Booy

You have no idea how true that can be. I smile when it rains – it doesn’t rain much in Chicago anymore. 18 months ago

sainthoodsaturday, September 22nd

what a long time! i need to either get a proper diary or get on this website more! Today I felt a bit sorry for myself and didn’t attend my practice psat test! I watched a few adele concerts, reviewed some apush vocab, and chatted with cat for a bit. It was freezing today and i’m already missing the summer. 19 months ago

sainthoodSunday, August 19th, 2012

Went to a rather nice hotel yesterday with my family and grandmother. I refused to swim. I annotated a book for school and annoyed the other guests at the pool with my ukulele playing. Grabbed a ton of temporary tattoos and now i have a reptile tattoo sleeve that looks rather silly. Today I went shopping for fall clothing and did not succeed. I just can’t accept the fact that i’ve gained weight. So stressed about school. 20 months ago

sainthoodFriday, August 17th, 2012

Today was awful. Felt sick to my stomach all day. None of my friends answered my calls. I was so angry at my father. I just wanted to build a big ol house in a field of daisy flowers and bury myself beneath it! He broke my new vegan bottle in a bit of rage today. I’m upset. I have so much work to do.

Tomorrow we’re going to a hotel, yipee! 20 months ago

sainthoodThursday, August 16th, 2012

Today Cat and Korn were going to model for me, but my camera was freaking out! Ugh, I need to get it repaired. There is no love in my life at all and that is an unhappy place. The schoolwork is already piling up and class has not even begun! I miss my boy. His slow moving mouth is so perfect! I guess I don’t understand loving a boy. There is so much love inside of me, yet it has nowhere to go. I miss Olga. I must phone her tomorrow, oh I simply must! I would love to have just a small fraction of her passion! 20 months ago

sainthoodBefore I get a proper diary...

Today Cat modeled for me! She is the sweetest! Spent some time listening to Cat Stevens. Watched a Gus Van Sant movie and the Nico song at the end made me cry. I miss certain things that I probably shouldn’t. I do NOT miss school, though. I do not want to return. It makes me feel sick even thinking of it. I’m so worried that trees are going to begin growing in my head again.

My boots are too heavy. 20 months ago

sainthood 20 months ago

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