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track_back101It's overwhelming

These days there is always so much going on!
Phones buzzing, emails going in and out, tv’s blasting, ipods in, books to read, papers to write, family to deal with.
Within all of that you get lost in the chaos and I have done that. I wanted so badly to do good that I forgot how to breath and began to lose my head.
I may not have the best this or that but I have it. I have something, something worth looking forward too, something meant living for and I have to always remind myself that it’s okay to not always be okay but instead of pitying myself remember others have it way worse.
Think of things to be thankful for and know what needs to be will be and I’m not in control. Stop trying to control.
Breath, do,go and be.
More days to come. 17 months ago

track_back101 17 months ago

arielch90Typical Monday

This morning I woke up wishing I could stay in bed for a little while longer. I was dragging so bad this morning that I wasn’t my usual rushing self. After finally getting to work, the day sped by and became an eventful day. I got somethings done, learned a lot about the benefits of running (which is pretty awesome), and experienced dissecting mice up close and personal! Great day even though it started off rocky. 22 months ago

arielch90 22 months ago

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