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get out of debt and into financial well-being, one choice at a time --- creating a life where my money works for me, not the other way around


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FairlyFearlesscontinued progress

No credit card use for a year! (Only AMEX, which you pay off monthly). Paying off old credit cards with Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a terrific and highly recommended program. Took a financial literacy course, too. And saving.

A long way to go, but I am SO much more on the road than ever before in my life. Still areas where I know I’m shutting my eyes, but more light and clear-seeing in this formerly wholly dark corner thnan ever before. Yay! Amazing! 5 years ago


Have not used one of my credit cards since May. Have called each and negotiated lower rates with almost all. Paid off one. Shredded the rest. Freedom! Cool! 6 years ago

FairlyFearlessThis is so challenging,

being self-employed and having a heavy debt load (mostly secured debt, mortgage, but credit cards – odious! – are creeping up there).

BUT I am focusing, not avoiding.

Could do more buy not f’ing around on the Internet and instead cranking out more freelance work and following up on leads.

In fact – I’ll do some and report back here. Jeez, the things we do to motivate ourselves to get off our sorry butts!

Later: Did serious cranking on freelance work as per above, boogeying on down the road and generating some income. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessseem to be more in debt in many area, BUT


Later o-so-sheepishly… no, no… false alarm, or non-alarm… we had finished the PAGES in the loan book and they hadn’t yet sent another one… year and a half more to go.

Bummer. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlesssmall choices

Marked on my calendar that the 10th of the month was discount day at the co-op… So, that was today,m and I waited to buy the expensive stuff, like vitamins, until now.

The bad news: it still cost $81, on my credit card.

The good news: I saved $18.95 by doing it today. AND all though there was this really nice facial spritz wirh rosewater (I know how nice it is cause I always take a squirt from the tester when I’m there, and I also love good skin care products) I just said, “No.”

As much as I like rosewater spritzes and such… the idea of financial freedom, being liberated from debt, is powerful. I like it even better than rosewater … better than a lot of things. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessso many, many choices...

I mean, I always want the immediate whatever…

But I’ve REALLY been thinking, connecting with this thought: what would it be like to have NO debt?

Unimaginable freedom. (Hence the IMAGE: a new road? A road stretching into an unknown future?)

I also RESENT credit card interest more than I can say. Usury on desperation. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessincremental improvements

both in generating income, finishing old projects, controlling spending. A LONG way to go, but… 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessseem to be working on this internally...

and working hard externally…

seems like I’ve been trying to do this and almost-but-not-quite succeeding for a long, long time.

I want this to HAPPEN, however incrementally, instead of keeping my head just above water… the ocean splashing into my nostrils pretty often.

I probably have to look at getting boyfriend to pay his fair share, even though he has health problems at the moment… 8 years ago


This has been a sobering day on the financial well-being front.

My occupation is one many 43T-ers evidently dream of. I’ve been doing it for a lot of years, and I am successful in terms of output, reputation, critical success, etc.

But… dang.

The royalties on one of my projects was $17K last year at this time… this year it is $4,750. YIKES! That is quite a drop off.

To be frank, it would have me reeling if I let it. All the “How am I gonnas…?” crowding in like furies let loose from Pandora’s box…

But flipping out is so unpragmatic. I take a deep breath, acknowledge disappointment, and move on to strategy and action.

There is a reason why most people suffer in 9-5 jobs they loathe. That reason can be summed up in two words: REGULAR PAYCHECK.

Sigh. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessNot one lipstick or such at the Walgreen's

when I went to pick up prescription. And got books & tapoes back to library before fine date.

On the other hand: dinner out, lunch out (because I was erranding and away from home). it does add up. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessDid not eat dinner out tonight...

But, on the other hand, I did lay down a shocking $52 co-pay for a sleeping pill (Lunestra) that is supposed to be excellent. Although I’ve more or less given up trying to sleep like so-called normal people (are there any, really?) the Lunestra ad copy people really knew how to word it and hit on all the longings of we differently-sleep-abled folks.

Hmm… Sleep debt? $ debt? 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessSunday night

Well, I ate out this week once when I really shouldn’t oughta have, though I also passed on so doing one night. And I spent $15 on a dance performance ticket… but you know, that was durned reasonable and good for my would and I’m GLAD I did it!

Worked out with a friend at the gym and we went in one car (his) so I saved on mileage, too… 8 years ago

FairlyFearlesscould have but didn't

eat out tonight. Had crackers, a pear & cheese in the car instead. Good FF. Think Financial Freedom and a less-burdened heart, I say to myself. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessI usually go to the salon to have my hair colored

... a cool $60 plus tip. Plus gas mileage and time.

Today I colored it myself, at home and out of a box, for under $10.

It’s not AS nice but it’s certainly acceptable.

Good choice, she says to herself, stretching to pat her back. 8 years ago

FairlyFearlessIn WalMart last night

Was there only to buy socks… and by God, that’s all bought! 9 years ago

FairlyFearlessBunch of choices today, all right. Phew!

Okay, the refinance on my home went through so I can erase some (not all) of my high-interest credit card debt. For complex and stupid family reasons, the refi, which was set to close last JULY, will only now be closed (on Thursday). The difference in time cost me in excess of $15,000, which I could ill afford, as well as incalculable stress, and a final outcome that does NOT leave all card paid off plus cash-cushion, as oriiginally figured. So I (painfully) went through all my card balances with my banker, who has been totally on my side during this long travail, and figured out which to pay off.

I switched a lot of debt from high-interest (21%!!!those gougers) to low(er), 6.92, but it is still there as debt, it still makes me anxious, and the outcome, though the best possible under the circumstances, has not been what I strategically planned for way back last April. I am trying to be positive but actually feel stressed, scared, depressed, and uncertain. I know my FairlyFearless self with resurface, get to work, and wend it’s way out of where I am, but meanwhile… uhhhh.

But these are choices and I AM making them. And, I’ll work out at home here tonight (see other I Want Tos), which will not only help lower the stress and gie me a sense of accomplishment. but save me gas mileage getting to and from the gym. 9 years ago

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