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design my own tattoo

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I’ve been considering this idea for the better part of a year now. I think it’d be a good ‘starter’ tattoo as it’s pretty simple and small and I’ve even been to get it done but got a little worried about the placement after the artist told me I’d have trouble with it healing (especially as this was right before attending a few dirt and mud ridden festivals).

The design is ‘IV’ – as in roman numerals for ‘4’, nothing with intravenous connotations… My reasoning behind this is that the number seems to reoccur quite a lot in my life, for example every section of my birth date ends in 4. I also have a lot of memories atached with the number; the fourth time my best friend and I ever met we went on a week long tour, just the two of us. We’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since!

I was 14 (again, ENDING in 4…) when I was introduced to one of my closest friends, who in turn developed a strong bond with 2 of my other friends and we’re still a very tightly knit group of (four) friends to this day.

All I really need to decide on is a font. Far too much of a perfectionist… 2 months ago

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kayebopprobably a dandelion seed pod

I’ll draw inspiration from the internet. 5 months ago

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JanneHonkonen 8 months ago


Your tattoo will be for you, and if it’s a personal one, you may not wish to have to answer twenty questions from curious people as to the meaning behind it. Personally, I thought about the meaning I wanted in the tattoo, then I thought about a visual way of expressing it that had meaning to me, but was indecipherable to someone else unless I explained it.

In other words, if someone asks about my tattoo I can choose to explain as little, or as much, of the full meaning as I like. The meaning of my tattoo is very personal to me, and represents family. But to a stranger it just looks like a subtle set of lines in a flowing wave-like symbol. The symbol has different meaning depending on which way up you view it.

I drew out ideas again and again until one just hit me. When it did, I kept it on a piece of paper where I could see it, for about two months, so I could be sure I wasn’t going to go off it.

I couldn’t decide where I wanted it so I took turns drawing the symbol in eyeliner on different places on my body. This was helpful because originally I’d decided I wanted it on my wrist, but after drawing it out in eyeliner and ‘wearing’ it for a day or two I decided against the idea.

I drew the design on paper up in marker pen before going to the tattooist, paying attention to the thickness of the lines – rather than having lines the same width all the way across I tapered them to give the tattoo a more flowing look.

The thought I put into the tattoo really paid off, as by the time I went to get it done I knew I was having the right meaning, and the right look, in the right place for me. So be patient and take your time in deciding and planning :)

A little can go a long way – the more meaning you incorporate into your tattoo, the more you can be sure you won’t regret it because true meaning lasts.

:) 9 months ago

kaiakate 9 months ago


I have several ideas and have been keeping a page of tattoos I like to inspire me. The challenge is finding a way to design what I want but keep it within my budget, since, of course, I’d love to just get a whole back piece. It’s all about balance… 9 months ago

erolife 9 months ago

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