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fix my bike

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Sarah Clark 10 months ago

melibe 13 months ago


Stephen 23 months ago

StephenRiver Trail 25 mile ride

I finally got the picture from my son’s mobile phone, so here I am at Pio Pico State Park where the last Mexican Governor of California lived just down the road from Los Angeles. This means the building I’m standing in front of was the Governor’s mansion back in the 1800’s! After a ride on the Metro train, we rode 12 miles up the Rio Hondo River trail and another 10 miles down the San Gabriel River trail plus 3 miles to and from our house. We were pretty tired and sore, but it was a great ride!

My bike chain came loose twice during the trip and the rear brake still will not release from time to time. I still need some minor adjustments, but I think my bike is fixed enough to ride! 14 months ago

StephenBike Ride

I am planning on doing a bike ride with some friends in a week so I need to get the bike fixed. One reason I don’t want to go to a bike shop is because all the things I want to do I would like to learn how to do myself. I will see if I can do one or two things a day on the bike to break up the other chores I need to finish. 14 months ago

Cerpin_Taxt 2 years ago

imppressBike fixed

Rode it a few times. will ride more in the fall/ 20 months ago

imppress 2 years ago

nananaina 23 months ago

user20220 23 months ago


This was my dad’s old bike which I brought home after I moved him. The bike has been sitting, but now since my old bike ran away, I would like to get this bike into running condition.

My to do list:
*Raise handle bars
*Tighten seat
*Align front brakes
*Align rear brakes
*New handle bar tape
*Check shifting. 23 months ago

nananainaIt's getting a new tire with pedal break

hope this time it gets well done as last time service was so bad I am just afraid people here just want to take advantage of your money. 23 months ago

imppressBike in Shop

Handlebars to be raised and rotated, tires to be inspected and tubes repaired.
Handlebars re-wrapped.

Due out May 8th. 1 year ago

enoughzenough 2 years ago

Nattielu 3 years ago

CaitlinJane 3 years ago


DoMoreWithMyLife 2 years ago


So i removed the broken screw that was stuck in the crank bit. Going to make a trip up to Halfords to get a new screw for the crank(hopefully) and a new back tire. fun times! 2 years ago

DoMoreWithMyLifeParts that need to be fixed/replaced: the inner tube, the crank, and maybe a new tyre

I’ll make a start on this tonight. 2 years ago

jenga21 6 years ago

suedeauxnim 3 years ago

Crystal1991 4 years ago

lalalazylenawatched a few youtube videos

I know next to nothing about fixing bikes so I watched a couple of youtube videos. I need to replace my back inner tube and then I think I’ll be okay. Hopefully thats all it needs. 2 years ago

lalalazylena 2 years ago

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