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dunk a basketball

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user1390501297 2 months ago

kram818 3 months ago

cmid82 4 months ago

Kaishaku 8 years ago


OK, well, it was an 8 foot rim in Peru, but it was glorious. That’ll do, pig. 8 months ago

Pat07n 10 months ago

dbsabey 11 months ago

MickyhbombDunk a Basketball

I’m 5 foot 10 and a 1/2. I can’t hold the basketball in one hand so will have to double hand dunk it. I want to dunk the ball not for the sake of dunking but also because the level of athleticism needed to dunk would make me an much better all round player in all the other sports i play, and not just in basketball. I can touch the ring at the moment. need about another 10 inches to dunk.

and i’m 29. time is running out on a childhood dream of mine. 13 months ago

Mickyhbomb 13 months ago

thompson182 13 months ago

julesmate 15 months ago

user29407 15 months ago

S_Clark 15 months ago

justingibson5 16 months ago

JuStDoIt43 20 months ago

user29449 21 months ago

florent 22 months ago


After more than 5 years on my list, I’ve finally decided to do something about this goal. As part of my new year’s resolution, I vowed to get in shape. I injured myself earlier this year as a result of just being overall lethargic, so I started exercising.

I teach at a primary school and some of the teachers said they wanted to do a competitive basketball game; primary teachers vs. secondary teachers. I decided that this was my opportunity to start conditioning myself to playing basketball again. (We didn’t fare so well, by the way, in our game, but that’s another story.)

I researched several different conditioning drills, and began to implement them into my program. One set of those drills was to help increase my vertical leap. Just two weeks ago, I stood below the backboard and marveled at how it dwarfed me. It seemed impossible that I’d ever even touch the backboard.

But I kept at it, and all the while I noticed my weight had started to go down and I felt really good about myself. Just this morning, I touched the bottom of the backboard! I was so excited, but was also spent after a few more jumps. I only hit the backboard that one time, but now I know that it’s possible and that I have to keep at it more, and soon I can set a new goal for myself. 23 months ago

Yemi23 2 years ago

Dboy44 2 years ago

Joshdennymay1993 2 years ago

user8210 2 years ago

dunkinfrycookStill not there

I can do it one handed, but not with both hands. I used to be able to do this fairly easily in my 20s, but after a broken knee and a couple years of having the basketball relegated to the closet, it’s a struggle.

I’m 6’4”, 195 lbs. I should be able to do this consistently!

Anyway, my goal isn’t just to dunk it, but to dunk it in a game. I’ve been playing 5 on 5 full court picku up games 3-4X a week for the past few months, and I’ve definitely gotten in better shape. I’ve had plenty of opportunities, but I have yet to really try to throw it down in the heat of the moment.

I think I’m kind of stuck. I might try to do some specific training for vertical jump development. 2 years ago

Jacob T. Baldwin 2 years ago

elerules 2 years ago


I can dunk already on a regulation rim, but I want to do it in a game! I’m going to continue playing pickup basketball 3 times a week to improve conditioning, but will separately practice jumping at the rim with a basketball in my hands – hopefully it will get easier and at some point when the stars align during a game, I will do it like I practiced! 2 years ago

dunkinfrycook 2 years ago

bpeezer 2 years ago

gregsflca 2 years ago

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