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breastfeed for a year


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Christi Bheck why not 3 years?!

We’ve made it 5.5 months so far. I would like to breastfeed past a year. 4 years ago


curlygirltoronto1 Year Old

My DS is now a year old and still breastfeeding. After a rocky beginning (3 1/2 months!) we’ve made it through! 6 years ago

TheresaAlmost halfway there.

Baby turns 6 months a week from today. I just started a new job and was worried about the pump room setup, but it’s actually loads better at this new job than it was at my old job! We might actually make it to a year, full-time job and all! 6 years ago

Cel18 months

I nursed my daughter for 18 months. Yes, a whole year and a half. She was exclusively breastfed for 4 months, then she began solids. This is something I am highly proud of and only wish I was able to do the same with my son. 6 years ago

TheresaFour months in.

I would like to exclusively breastfeed my daughter until she can start drinking cow’s milk at one year old. She is now four months. I have been back at work full time since she was six weeks old, which means I have been pumping for two and a half months.

We just visited the doctor today and she’s gaining weight really well on Mommy’s milk alone. We will probably start her on solids in a month. 6 years ago


did it 6 years ago

curlygirltorontogetting better

Just after I wrote about continuing latching difficulties, my DS starting latching without the nipple shield – and without protest! 7 years ago

curlygirltorontolatching difficulties

Still having some problems at 3 months – still on a nipple shield (had to go on one, haven’t managed to wean him off of it). Regardless, my son is now on breastmilk exclusively…. 7 years ago


done done done done done… and then some.

hes still going. im desperately trying to get some weaning in now. it was definitely worth it. best for the baby…

i cant wait til my boobs are mine again. i keep smacking dh away from them. i feel bad, but they are so damn sore. i had a clogged duct, too… so painful. but its getting better.

i cant wait until my nipples can be used for things more fun than a baby nursing. 7 years ago

dyaneardenWe'll keep going...

I’m planning on continuing to breastfeed until Elena weans herself. 7 years ago

dyaneardenMade it!

A year and four days today.

Elena is still a huge boob baby who is now also a chow hound. It’s amazing how much food she can pack away and still nurse. 7 years ago

shaylanso close

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon this will be done. yay!!!!!!!!! im so freaking happy. and proud. 17 more days! omg, im going to have a toddler in 17 days! 8 years ago

lotusblossom3 and a half months

we’re doing well :) 8 years ago

dyanearden11 months

And thank goodness we’re still breastfeeding. She has a stomach bug and breastmilk is the only thing she can keep down. 8 years ago


ok, so its a couple days early, but he is 11 months! omg, im dying. i cant believe how old he is getting!

anyhow, we are still breastfeeding. he gave me a new scab the other night somehow. i dont know when it happened, but it hurt really bad. still does.

i dont even know how to go about weaning. its going to be a scary task. im definitely going child-lead, but at the same time i might try to speed it up a little bit. he is definitely not going to be into giving up his booboo. thats what we are calling it now… booboo. instead of tit tit or something like that. because if he asks for booboo in the middle of the store i think it will be a whole lot less blush-worthy than if he yelled i want tit. or nip. because i called it nip for a while, too.

annnnnnnnnnyhow.. 1 month to go until this goal is completed. im excited. 8 years ago


Hes 14 months old and i am still breast feeding.

I am so proud of myself. 8 years ago

dyaneardenBreastfeeding for 10 months.

Elena turned 10 months old on Oct. 28.

She’s eating more solids but still spending a lot of time nursing. 8 years ago

shaylan10 months

and i feel like im almost done with it. i always told myself i would go past a year for sure, but with his biting and dependency on boob instead of learning to eat solids, i just think that its just about time to end. but i know that it wont happen within the next couple months. its still his major comfort.

father-in-law made the comment the other day that it was time to stop. i hate how people think that just because my baby is growing older that its time to stop. yeah, he bites me, but if i can deal with it, then thats between my son and i. the us is so anal about babies not breastfeeding. its sad. im pretty much the only person i know that has lasted with breastfeeding this long. and i think that is kind of sad. i know my friends have their reasons, but i really wish that it wasnt so odd to see a baby past 6 months breastfeeding.

and dont even get me started on breastfeeding in public. there are so many people who think its disgusting to breastfeed, but i think its disgusting to shove your face full of dead animal flesh, but i dont go up to them and say, hey, i really am getting offended by your eating such a thing. a baby has to eat, and im not going to sit at home until he is a year old just to make someone else comfortable. besides, its not like i walk around with my tit exposed. i know very few women do, but some do… if they are cool with it, whatever. usually the women breastfeeding are just as nervous about doing it in public as the people who can tell whats going on.

anyhow, that was a bit of a rant i wasnt meaning to write.

so, 10 months today. the little monster has bitten me 3 times today, not always on the nips, though, so thats good. nip bites are AWFUL.

2 more months, and this goal is done! 8 years ago


2 months down and 10 to go to achieve this goal. It isn’t hurting anywhere as much and i have finally mastered feeding while lying down which has made the night feeding much easier. Its become so much easier I now have no trouble feeding Lily when we are out and about. 8 years ago


Lily is 5 and a half weeks old and i want to breastfeed her for at least a year. I have to say though that i found breastfeeding quite painful to begin with. I had a lactation consultant helping me and we’re doing it right but it is still uncomfortable at times. I know its the best thing for her though. 8 years ago

shaylan3 more to go..

just past 9 months a few days ago. and hes showing no signs of wanting to wean, or even wanting to learn to take a bottle, although its a bit late for that. he does pretty well with a cup, though! 8 years ago

dyanearden9 months

We’re 3/4 of the way through this goal.

She’s ocassionally making the sign for “milk” when she wants to nurse. 8 years ago

dyanearden2/3 of the way there

Eight months today! 8 years ago

dyanearden7 months

I’ve been breastfeeding seven months today. 8 years ago

dyaneardenSix Months!

Way back at the start I never thought I’d get this far even though I made a whole year my goal. Yay me!

Elena has started solids but she’s still drinking just as much milk as ever. She even increased the amount by about four ounces a few weeks ago.

I sometimes worry that the introduction of more food than I had planned (doctor is concerned about growth rate) is going to cause a nursing strike. So far we’re doing ok. 8 years ago

dyaneardenComing up on six months

Had my daughter’s six month appointment yesterday. Her growth rate was too slow so we have to start giving her more solids.

I’m still breastfeeding and pumping. The solids will be in addition to the breastmilk, not in place of. 8 years ago


Five months! Yay! 8 years ago


I breastfed everywhere over vacation; in the stopped car, at McDonalds, at a rest stop, poolside at the waterpark, my sister’s house, Friendly’s, and the cafe area of a gas station are what come to mind at the moment. 8 years ago

dyaneardenFour Months

We’ve been breastfeeding for four months now and I still love it. It’s a wonderful way to connect with my baby when I’m home and I know that she’s getting the very best nutrition. 8 years ago

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