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stop thinking of all the things i want/need to do and actually do them!

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I’ve decided that as of now, I’m going to say yes to everything that people ask me (aslong as it’s doable and not something that I strongly disagree with). This isn’t exactly doing this goal, but it’s helping me on my way too it. Because i’ve stopped overthinking things, and actually doing them :) 3 years ago


hell yeah! 3 years ago

BlueSoySauceNo more list of things! More priorities!

Same big problem with me, I have lots of lists of things I want/need to do in my head. But after I am done thinking about it I usually take a nap, go on the internet, or think about something else. It’s a habit I have to break, and no matter how many things pop up in my mind I have to list my priorities and start working on some of the higher ones. If I can nibble at a hard task for just 5 minutes then maybe I can get somewhere. Just 5 minutes no matter how big that task is. Then maybe it will help me realize how easy or fun the task actually may be after finally engaging in the high priority task for just 5 minutes. I read in some book once that if you imagine a task as a slice of swiss cheese, each time you complete a 5 minute task relating to the activity you will make a hole in that slice of cheese. Eventually the cheese will be filled with many holes and then the task will seem easier. So maybe if I list all the small and bigger tasks of one high priority activity and then I work on each one seperatly for only a small amount of time I can easily finish it. Working on something for 5 minutes (which isn’t a very long time) might eventually turn into maybe 10 minutes or 15 and I will be getting somewhere. Now that I am done writing this I have inspired myself to go work on a website project for one of my clients! Wooooo!!! 7 years ago

crunchie01Really really big problem

I really don’t know how i am ever going to overcome this problem. It’s just so complex. I love making lists but I just need to find a way of actually doing everything on my lists because it would make me so much happier and more successful. 8 years ago

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