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Get more sleep

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96sonja 9 hours ago

steideb 4 years ago

human06last less sleep?

I played ‘LOL’ again at 1AM in the morning. But what’s great today? I found this social networking site to fight against my less of sleep! I’m looking forward on my actions. :) 1 week ago

human06 1 week ago


i am sleeping and watching xarcane.com 1 week ago

xarcane 1 week ago

MazwynSleep early and be healthy

I want to start going to bed early, at least before 1 am. It’s been since last year i started to sleep at 2 am to 3 am. I’m woke up around 8.30 am to 9 am. I need to stop this crazy sleeping time. It’s not a healthy lifestyle. We need to get in bed at 10.30 am and wake up early, that’s a healthy lifestyle. 2 weeks ago

Mazwyn 2 weeks ago

CharlesW893/28 Update

I’ve been getting good sleep lately, usually 7-8 hours. Have been in bed by 12-12 30 and asleep by 1. Usually wake up around 8-9. Can vary by 15-30 minutes a few nights but overall its consistent.

Side note: A study was recently released in the journal of neuroscience showing that sleep deprivation in test animals (mice) causes a fairly high percentage of irreversible neuronal death. They’re now going to do studies on humans to see if there are similar effects.



Marisa Baer 3 weeks ago


Got a good 8 hours last night. Woke up without alarm. Very satisfied with last night’s sleep. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW89Current sleep pattern

Would like to get a full 8-9 hours of sleep and wake up without an alarm clock and by natural light instead. Currently sleeping 6-8 but sometimes I go to bed really late and takes a few days to get back in sync afterwards. Sleep is very important. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW89 4 weeks ago

tortura1983 4 weeks ago

sara_xo96 1 month ago

Talia Rivas 1 month ago

GirlyMcWhirly 1 month ago

MissClaireee 3 months ago

MissClaireeeSet a bedtime

I’m up past my bedtime of 11 pm right now, so I’m about to go to bed. I feel really good about my sleep schedule getting under control even if only somewhat. 1 month ago

7ala94 1 month ago

Aquabiology 1 month ago

2good2betrue 1 month ago

PopcornPrincess 7 years ago

ilostmyself911Because it's good for you.

There are numerous studies about how sleeping an adequate amount of hours per night is essential to weight loss because it helps your body burn fat more than lean tissue.

And it’s 12:21 AM and I’m still wide awake. Way to go on tonight’s effort. 2 months ago

ilostmyself911 2 months ago

user1392165591 2 months ago

smartenupman 2 months ago

boerhani 2 months ago

MissClaireeeLike I mentioned in my other goal to wake up on time

No matter what I do, I cannot sleep more than four hours per night. I don’t know how to fix this, but it’s taking one hell of a toll. 2 months ago

dishfanHey! I only gave up on this goal, in favor of the more accurate "get on a regular sleep schedule"

:-) 3 months ago

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