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never, ever stop adding to the list of things i want to do

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VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godi wanna take classes in:

  • calligraphy
  • rubber stamping
  • dressage
  • Zumba dance (starting next week)
  • German (set for summer 2008)
  • photography
  • collage
  • pilates
  • oriental ink brush
  • collage techniques
  • 6 years ago

Jess. Dream.I never seem...

...to have any problem with this. It’s so easy to find that 43rd thing. Sometimes I even have to finish something because I have to add that “right now!” I work on stuff that’s “to be added” just as much as the stuff on this list! I love knowing that I can find so much joy in life and in things “to do.”

I love 43things and the inspiration it provides. I love my life.

=) 6 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godthis will never never be a problem for me....

My biggest problem in life is having the TIME & MONEY to do all the things that I want to do…

i never can quite understand people that say theyre bored….if anything, i have Too Many intersts i want to pursue at any one time. I’m forever hearing someone mention something, and i’ll say “Oh Yeah, i want to do that TOO !”


A Random Listing of such

  • publish an essay / column
  • learn oriental ink painting
  • study as many languages as possible
  • study ancient forms of writing (Chirography)
  • learn to play Celtic Harp
  • learn as many forms of dance as possible
  • travel to as many foreign places as possible
  • write more in my travel journals
  • complete more scrapbooks
  • publish some of my poetry
  • do as many religious retreats as possible
  • teach integrative classes on shrine making, creative/spiriual collage
  • join a Toastmasters Group; become a comfortable public speaker
  • learn to sketch scenes of buildings, settings, accurately
  • learn aikido
  • earn certifications, degrees in various areas

...as i think of more & more, i’ll add them7 years ago

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