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get a job that pays my bills and spending money

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ShadowchildeMy present Job...

It is a good one. One that I can excel at and not be overly stressed. It is paying the bills and providing for a little extra spending money. And with the coming changes, things will be flowing much better. Life will be better. There will be more time to count my blessings and rekindle friendships that I have allowed to fall apart because I was not a good friend.

I never noticed before just how important having harmony with work, family and spirit really was until I didn’t have it and got caught up in a spiral that was down hill.

Now that that has stopped… I can breath again and look forward toward a bright future, instead of looking over my shoulder to see who is after me.

grins7 years ago


I got a job 2 weeks ago that covers this goal. I am a sales associate at my local mall’s JC Penney. It pays slightly over minimum wage and gives me relevant experience (most particularly POS services, which is something I lacked), but I hate it with a bloody passion. It’s boring, it’s bureacratic, and my managers can’t decide what in the world they want me to do.

I will never again get a job just to have a job unless it’s absolutely necessary (and I admit that it mostly was this time). It’s just not worth the stress. 8 years ago


I hate job searches that have nothing to do with my intended career. This is basically just a job I need to get so that I can pay rent and utilities every month and maybe have some left over to go to Disneyland once in a while.

Nothing looks appealing except the UPS job, which has insanely early hours. The good part about the UPS job is that it does have tuition assistance and benefits… but it doesn’t give me enough hours to cover rent, so I’d need a second job as well, and then I’d still need to find that second job.

I hate job searching. 8 years ago


Eventually i’ll have to stop relying on my parents for everything… so a side job to help out for gas money and clothes would be nice.. 8 years ago

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