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lose my virginity

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How I Lost My Virginity

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xlime4 2 weeks ago

meganhall 2 weeks ago

Cadmium111 1 month ago

BenteNeko 2 years ago

ChannelOchoBeeHi everyone. I hope you're all well.

Just an update: there’s no news. The last eight years have been as uneventfull as the eleven long ones before. I accept this. Accepting the unchangable is no shame. It was a slow progress to bury my hopes and I admit I had many relaspes into unrealistic wishful thinking. Yet over the time they ebbed down and I can see some progress in the way I look at the world – something I cannot say about the original goal. 3 months ago

TyBerkeley99 4 years ago

nicolejayne96 3 months ago

Nichalos Smith 3 months ago

languagehacker 3 months ago

poeticjewel095It was amazing!!

I know alot of people is probably gonna be like “yea, right, first times are never amazing”, but it was amazing for me. I’m 18 and I lost it last night to my amazing boyfriend and it was so passionate and sensual and everything good. He did AMAZING foreplay and when he penetrated me,It only hurt for a couple seconds and then it went away and i loved it and i love sex lol :) 3 months ago

poeticjewel095 3 months ago

TROUBLEDUDE3 3 months ago


Alyssa 5 months ago

abbletop 5 months ago

amandaaml 6 months ago

HuntedCherry 8 months ago

buffyfreak05 9 months ago

strawberrypunchI lost it to a Sweet person

I’d always wanted to experience sex, so all throughout high school I’d meet crummy guys who made me nervous to lose my virginity, so I waited.
I was still 18 at the time, I was with a guy who had been the first to treat me so well.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended a year and a half later (after a good run) when I realized we had gone so quickly in the relationship – even before sleeping together – that I failed to recognize that we were better as friends than as a couple. 9 months ago

strawberrypunch 4 years ago

ClownPrincess 9 months ago

Jdhosges15 9 months ago

zephyrQ 6 years ago

lasianaga 10 months ago

Firebird77 11 months ago

spunky110 11 months ago

tallskinnyblond 11 months ago

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chillnika 4 years ago

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