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user1408565922 4 months ago

BMTH21697 4 months ago

tuttleberry 6 months ago

katjaaaaa88 6 months ago

emmakrayola 12 months ago


1. Loud chewing

2. People chewing with their mouth open

3. Racism

4. Homophobes (forgive me if I spelt it wrong, no offence)

5. Being yelled at

6. Having someone pointlessly argue with me

7. Smart-ases

8. Hypocrites

9. Arrogant/Ignorant people

10. Fake/Conceited people

11. When poeple jugde someone that is famous or a celebrity on what they think they “know” or “hear” about them, when in general they don’t know that person. They should just shut their mouths and carry on about the own lives instead of paying attention to someone elses

12. The fear of a zombie apocalypse happening while I’m asleep

13. Kidney infections (I get them every two months)

14. When people pronounce something wrong after telling them so many times how it’s pronounced (ex: Louis; “Louie”. Most of the time in my case (directioner here!))

15. War

16. Violence/abuse

17. Sexual harasment

18. Poverty

19. Greedy people who live of someone elses money

20. Politics

21. Liberal Party

22. Being too nice all the time

23. Getting over emotional

24. Forgetting things

25. Bulling

26. Insecurities

27. My chin

28. My stomach

29. The hunch in my back

30. My boobs (Too big haha)

31. My butt (too small loool)

32. Body ance

33. Skin pigmentation

34. Food that isn’t cooked to my standard (especially pasta!)

35. Third world issues

36. Cancer (Die bitch, DIE!!)

37. Animal abuse

38. 2012 (FML)

39. Fire (It’s scary…)

40. Sciencefiction movies

41. Smoking

42. Alcoholics

43. Annnd homework

THAT’S ALL. BYYYEEEE!!!!! :D :) xx 14 months ago

Chelsealea19 14 months ago

Cassandra Mojica 15 months ago

Cassandra Mojica43 Things I Hate

1. When people in chatting sites ask for something then change the topic and they’ll be all like “What did you say again??” even if they COULD SCROLL UP.
2. When people use shortcuts in typing/ bad English. (ex. Do u kno who dat girl was in skool?”
3. When people ask for help from me when they could research themselves. I’m not their personal Google.
4. Fake laughs.
5. Fake people.
6. Ignorant people.
7. No wi-fi.
8. Crappy anime show.
9. Spoilers.
10. Jerks and bieetches.
11. People who force others to do what they want to do.
12. Being nagged.
13. People who cut me off.
14. Dumb people or people who are acting dumb.
15. People who force me to do stuff when I seriously don’t want to.
16. Drunks.
17. Curfew.
18. Pricey food.
19. Fruit bars.
20. Two-faced liars.
21. Insects (except zhe awesome butterfly)
22. Gross people. (pickin nose, vomitin out of nowhere)
23. People who act whiny and lazy, even if they are old enough to be independent.
24. Thinking too critically.
25. Deja vu (the bad ones)
26. Peeps who disturb me.
27. Parents who don’t allow me to visit a friends’.
28. Smart people. (well, smarter than me)
29. Being forced to read crappy books and movies.
30. Limited time to answer a test.
31. Caked-up with make-up women.
32. Failure.
33. Being nervous and fidgety for no reason.
34. People who always seek attention from others.
35. Noisy environments.
36. Stubborn people.
37. Being dyslexic for awhile.
38. Way-too-jolly people.
39. People who don’t share. (gosh this sounds childish)
40. Forgetting things.
41. Boys I have a crush on who doesn’t like me back.
42. Boys I have a crush on who are actually jerks but I somehow like him.
43. People who take my phone away and ban me from the laptop. 15 months ago

Flamesdownunder 20 months ago

_reesespiece_ 21 months ago

_reesespiece_Things I hate...

9.Others Authority
10.Not feeling wanted
12.Long speeches
14.My sister
15.Living at home
16.Being under 21
17.Being treated as a child
18.Not having a car
20.That I’m suppose to be doing homework
13.Due dates
14.Stuck up girls
15.Keke Palmer
16.Wendy Williams
17.Being short
18.”aw” in text responses
19.”oh” in text responses
20.Being shy
21.Social Studies
22.Living in STL
23.Being a ‘pastor’s kid’
25.Ugly guys
26.People who discriminate against obese
27.People who think I’m anorexic
29.My aunt’s boyfriend
30.My grandma’s always depressed
32.Shy guys
33.Suicidal thoughts
34.Serial killers
35.Bimbos in horror films
36.When my dog eats my clothes
37.Strict parents
39.People who hate Obama only because of race
40.Wannabe Gangsters
42.Color stricken people
43.Modeling companies
47.My hair
48.My fingers getting tired
49.Wanting to do more
50.School 21 months ago

hannahfitzhugh2001 21 months ago

IWillAnswer 22 months ago


In no particular order…

1) Cliches
2) Slow drivers
3) Rebecca Black
4) People who think they are too cool for you
5) Mondays
6) Liars
7) Backstabbers (aka bitches)
8) MySpace
9) Puzzels
10)Comfy in bed then realizing you have to turn off lights
11)12-14 year olds who have sex and think they are cool
12)Girls who are too girly
13)Lil Wayne
18)Slow WiFi
19)People who obsess that they are fat but are twigs
20)Toddlers & Tiaras
22)Game requests on Facebook
23)People who judge by appearance
25)The tabloids
27)Forgetting things 5 seconds later
29)People who can’t spell
32)The Kardashians
33)Jersey Shore!!!
35)Horrible Haircuts
36)People standing in middle or doorway and dont move
37)People who don’t thank after someone holds door
38)People who ask stupid questions
39)Casey Anthony
40)Chastity Belts
41)Teacher’s Pet
42)The word YOLO
43)The word swag 22 months ago


1. People that hate on Americans
2. People that call soccer football
3. The letter “F”
4. People that don’t do their job
5. The stereotype that all Americans are fat
6. People that say ain’t
7. People that don’t like vegetables
8. Welfare
9. Mexicans
10. When people hate on people that don’t believe in god
11. When my mom makes me go to church
12. Homework
13. British people
14. British people that make fun of America
15. When people try to make a movie out of a book and totally mess it up
16. Hipsters
17. Druggies
18. Drugs
19. Cigarettes
20. Alcohol
21. Anorexic people
22. People obsessed with their weight
23. Cheaters
24. Slow Internet
25. No wifi 22 months ago

Saraa02 22 months ago

Lrxxx 22 months ago

edawg99 22 months ago


1. People who correct me
2. Waiting for food
3. That take aways are fatty
4. Bitches
5. Cheats
6. Slags/sluts/ whores
7. Deadlines
8. Essays
9. Slow Internet
10. Waking up
11. Girly girls
12. People who think farts and burps are disgusting
13. Anorexic people
14. Drugs
15. People who are skinny and on I diet
16. Paying for things
17. People who think there Gods gifts
18. Uni
19. People taking this piss out my past
20. Healthy foods
21. Cooking
22. People who stare
23. Chavs
24. Clingy couples
25. Bible bashers
26. Sea food
27. People who judge me
28. Funerals
29. Reading out loud
30. Doing presentations
31. Buttes from shops always has mayo
32. Being ill
33. Being cold
34. Getting shouted at
35. When no one cleans the kitchen
36. Control freaks
37. Not having money
38. Spiders
39. Childish people
40. Old people driving a micra on a Sunday morning
41. Germs on my hand (I have OCD)
42. Missing out on things/ being left behind 22 months ago

Beckiiee93 22 months ago

youmadbro_xo 23 months ago

kestion 23 months ago

youmadbro_xothis isnt in order

1. when my food touches
2. wet door knobs
3. birds
4. ponies
5. the color brown
6. criminals
7. the dark
8. homework
9. life
10. death
11. slow interent
12. bitches
13. people who think they’re cool
14. people who hate Americans (they’re just jealous)
15. clowns
16. One Direction
17. thinking of things I hate
18. liars
19. being accused of things I didn’t do
20. when people use text abreviations out loud
21. the letter “x”
22. the number “4”
23. fractions
24. science
25. war
26. Barbies
27. disney channel (except Gravity Falls)
28. fake friends
29. Twilight
30. spray tans
31. Fred (youtube)
32. public bathrooms
33. when people say “you can’t have a cake and eat it too”
34. paying for things
35. at resturants when they ask “would you like a table?”
36. the cold
37. darkness
38. mayo
39. when people spell “definitely” “difiantly” (ITS TWO DIFFERENT WORDS PEOPLE)
40. alarm clocks
41. being sick
42. Angelica (from Rugrats)
43. failing tests 23 months ago

CARASSARHere it comes.....

1. Pop music
2. Weddings
3. Funerals
4. People who think marijuana is dangerous/bad
5. Christmas
6. Political correctness
7. Health and safety
8. Christians
9. Americans
10. American Christians
11. People who quote the bible
12. American accents
13. Creationists
14. People who hate on drugs (squares)
15. People who don’t respect The Beatles
16. People who believe marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol
17. People who believe marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco
18. People who take offence to sick jokes
19. Feminine Men
20. Bisexuals, because that’s just greedy
21. Prostitutes with secret AIDS
22. People who play off cancer, but don’t help cancer patients
23. People who call football “soccer” (Americans)
24. The French
25. Americans who hate Canadians
26. People who get angry because you (correctly) don’t believe in God
27. The Bible
28. People who hate on Muslims (Americans)
29. People who hate on Russians (Americans)
30. People who believe it was the terrorists that took down the world trade centre, when it was obviously an inside job.
31. People who spell “colour”, “color.” The U is important.
32. The fact “colour” comes up as a spelling mistake, when that’s how it’s spelt you shitcunt.
33. The fact “spelt” is red underlined, even though that’s a word as well.
34. Vegetarians
35. Over protective parents
36. People who hate drug dealers
37. The U.S remakes of our quality British shows. Thanks for ruining the inbetweeners, top gear and friday night dinner.
38. Americans who say the English accent is “cute.” We don’t have an accent, you do.
39. People who think rape isn’t funny. It is. Always.
40. Cock blockers. Football has a goalkeeper. Doesn’t mean you can’t score.
41. The American flag
42. Manchester United
43. Fat people 23 months ago

CARASSAR 23 months ago

squidpower 23 months ago

latty23 1 year ago


2.Fake friends
3.’OH’ and ‘OK’ type of convo
4.How everyone texts when i’m busy but never thinks to text
when i’m free
5.Wet door knobs
6.Waiting on someone
7.Broken promises
9.Annoying people
10.Taking the public bus
11.My Weight
12. 1 year ago


1. People chewing food loud
2. people chewing gum
3. sexual harassment
4. racism
5. bugs
6. corn dogs
7. tomatoes (soup)
8. being sick
9. abuse
10. being scared
11. liars
12. cheaters
13. homework
14. judgmental remarks
15. abortion
16. homosexuality
17. darkness
18. the devil
19. prostitution
20. hypocrites
21. being angry
22. being woken up
23. math
24. prejudice
25. fighting
26. drama
27. summer
28. ParvoVirus
29. Cancer
30. Death
31. Halloween
32. Bullies
33. Spiders
34. Being Interrupted
35. Regrets
36. Holocaust
37. Diet Pop
38. Getting Sick
39. Feeling left out
40. Drugs
41. Violence
42. Smoking
43. Eggnog 2 years ago

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