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get my butterfly tattoo

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Got it and love it! :) 5 years ago


nufanWent to see a nicer tattoo man :)

And just need to hand me design into him to check.

(I live at least 15 miles away from the nearest tattooist and work fulltime so its tricky to get time when complications arise but I will get it done!)

Probably next year since this year is almost over now. That’s fine, the most important thing is that I’m 100% happy with it :D 5 years ago

nufanAaaargh where oh where???

Where shall I get it thats still fairly private but won’t stretch if I get fatter/have a baby in the future?? Meh
??? 5 years ago


Went back to see Mr Tattoo-man yesterday & he stiiiill hadn’t redesigned it after 2 weeks. Grrs.
But he did do it while I ws there. Not-so-grrrs.
I really like it :) It looks better than my original. But hey, I’m no professional artist/tattoost. And it’ll only need to be a teeny bit bigger than I wanted, but still real-butterfly-sized so yays :)
I need to check the knot in the middle is right and then just need to set a date with the Sah
Happee 5 years ago

nufanBoooooo :(

Just back from taking my design to the tattooist and it turns out my design is too intricate for the size I want it :(
The guy didn’t really seem to care, or make any time for me. He also put me off getting it on my hip, as he said if I gained any weight it would be ruined.
He’s going to redesign it so that it’ll work. So time will tell a) if it still means the same to me and b) if I like it. Just now I don’t think I’d consider getting it bigger than I origionally planned. And now I’m questioning the location too. I defo won’t be rushed into it until I’m 100% sure. I’m just really gutted since my design meant a lot to me and since it’s been rejected so to speak, I feel like what it stood for was rejected too :( 5 years ago

nufanThe date has been set!

September 14th! scared

And still unsure if it should be the front or back of my hip?? And above my waistline so people can see it sometimes? or below so that its just for me?? 5 years ago

nufanJust When The Caterpillar Thought the World was Over, It Became a Butterfly

My tattoo will have 4 wings all linked in the middle to each other, to represent each of my 4 family members. And that even though we each choose our own paths, we are always linked.

And as a reminder that there’s always the chance that something ordinary can become something amazing. 5 years ago

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