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Watch a space shuttle launch

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Space shuttle launches

www.kennedyspacecenter.com/     Greatest space adventure on Earth! Where man first stepped into space

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Bailey Ekin 4 months ago

Jimmy 8 years ago


alexa003 7 years ago

kp1221 9 months ago

banjocatSaw one from a plane

as it was going up, which was really neat, but not the same as being there.

(Original comment was 2005; updating in 2013: )
And we’ll have to call that good enough.
Seeing the launch from the plane’s as close as I’ll get, so I’ll call it done. (Completion date’s inaccurate; not sure what year that was.) 8 years ago

banjocat 8 years ago

Cade Peterson 6 years ago


nynm 19 months ago

Stephen 4 years ago


The last flight of any of the original Space Shuttles was yesterday and I got to see Endeavor fly right over the Rockwell Aviation plant where it was built just minutes before it landed for the last time in Los Angeles. Even through the plant has been closed for years, a full scale model of a space shuttle as well as the Columbia Memorial Discovery Center is well worth a visit to Downey, California.

“Watch a space shuttle” is close enough without a launch, so this goal is complete in my eyes! 19 months ago

FarreII 19 months ago

user26451 22 months ago

butrflizrfree 22 months ago

luckyjim 9 years ago

AnnaMacca 23 months ago

licentiousllama7 2 years ago

molliemoonlight 2 years ago


sandhosa 4 years ago

Marya MayerFL fun

I grew up in FL so I’ve seen the launch both close up in Coco Beach and in my hometown. I saw the Challenger blow up outside my bedroom window when I was about 10. Sad. 2 years ago

Ana-Maria Naszyńska 2 years ago

Melissa448 2 years ago

hunnybunn 3 years ago

smorris 9 years ago

Jeff Kiser 3 years ago

RobUnfortunate Missed Opportunity

I tried hard to do this, made the trip to cape canaveral, but the launch got delayed til after my flight left. But I am happy I tried 2 years ago

StephenMission Impossible

I won’t give up on this goal yet, but obviously the last NASA space shuttle mission has already finished and my goal is in limbo now. I know the last shuttle will be coming to Los Angeles. I will keep tabs on what is happening in the decommissioning of the shuttles.

Listening to David Bowie “Space Oddity” 2 years ago

Brittany FriesnerAn AMAZING experience, just sad I waited until the last one!

I flew down to Florida last Thursday, met up with some friends, and hauled ass to Titusville. We watched from the Gemini Hall of Fame Walk, right next to Space View Park.

Although we were 13 miles away from Launch Pad 39A, it was still an amazing sight and so much fun to bond with all the characters who’d also traveled from far and wide to witness the final space shuttle launch.

For those of you who missed it, I recommend tuning in to NASA TV over the next several days, until the shuttle lands on July 21. There are still so many amazing things you can witness during this mission! http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html 2 years ago

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