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stop worrying what everyone else thinks

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today i actually walked all around my town, saw a few friends, and spent the whole intire day without any make up on and looking like a complete scruff bag. but the important thing is, that i didnt care what everyone else was thinking beacause aslong as im happy with myself it will reflect on other people and they will also be happy :) and if there not well i dont care, i have spent too much of my life worrying about everyone else and how they percieve me but iv just learnt that the only persons opinion that truely matters is your own. 4 years ago

joyanna09Fear of people

Too often I worry more about what others think of me than what the Lord thinks of me. I need to change this with God’s help. 4 years ago

momof3boys1girlWorrying about what people think..

I am constantly worrying about what people think or what they say constantly saying about me.. my goal is not to worry anymore, it doesn’t matter because I can not change how one feels towards me as long as I’m being myself thats all that matters! 5 years ago


I was a very good kid for my mom and dad. And now, I cant be myself. I dont know how to be myself. I think that I have to be nice, smart, even I want to be a perfect .(its a stupid idea, I know…)
I always worry what people think about me.
I have realized that I often said ‘sorry’ even I didnt do anything wrong. 5 years ago


I hate trying to fit in because its what everyone else thinks I should do. or if i do something i hate that i care what people think of me doing it 5 years ago

claireyjWho cares

I always like to think I am above other people but the truth is I crave acceptance. I hate it when I percieve someone is cross with me or I may have spoken out of turn. This means I really care what people think. Something happened last night which brought it home to me that I have to rise above it. A ‘friend’ decided to tell me how silly he thought I was being about a certain situation & was taking the piss about something I sm planning to do. The more I think about it now the angrier it makes me, who is he to judge or tell me what to do. I went to the funeral of a colleague the other day & it really made me realise that you have to try & open your mind & live how you want & stick your fingers up at everyone else. I am fed up of being judged about the way I look, behave etc as I don’t think I do that bad a job!! 7 years ago


I think I’ve done a great job at this goal. 2006 was a great year of growth for me. I gained confidence in myself and what I wanted. I feel like a different woman this year. I stopped caring about the opinions of others and have come into my own. I love my personality, my mind. It seemed I was always looking for approval from others. Last year showed me that I’m not that way at all anymore. I’ve found a great balance.

Here’s to hoping 2007 will bring more of the same! 7 years ago

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