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marry my soulmate

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TheWordGirl 3 years ago


I am married to my true soulmate
she is a beautiful muslimah with a beautiful smile and smiling eyes and most importantly a beautiful soul.
She is a good person and we have so much fun! she is positive energetic and optimistic confident and modest.
We were made to be together and complete each other 2 months ago

Sulaiman860 2 months ago

deado 3 months ago

S_Scotch 8 months ago

coffeelvrgot married to my sweetheart in october!

got married in october 2012!!! 9 months ago

coffeelvr 8 years ago

beforeidecay67 months today :]

had a lovely gothic wedding. <3 12 months ago

beforeidecay6 22 months ago

Jen Johnson 13 months ago


I married my best friend! 13 months ago

alchemii 13 months ago

AmeyamiI did it!

On 26 January 2013, exactly 6 years after our first date, we tied the knot! My number 1 dream come true! 13 months ago

Ameyami 6 years ago

Naughty_Hedonists 13 months ago

stephie 14 months ago

Perkuhshin 16 months ago

AgneZed 18 months ago

successdoudo 19 months ago

pinkymoo 5 years ago

shelley pugh 21 months ago

fearlessinheels 21 months ago

Cameron A Bailey Sr 22 months ago

madxmoogle 22 months ago

Katyayani Sharma 23 months ago

sylvia350 2 years ago

Superdude57Progress, but not there yet.

I kind of got dumped today. I’ve never really been in a committed relationship and this wasn’t one, but it was the longest I’ve dated anyone and the best relationship I’ve been in so far. I definitely wouldn’t say I was in love, but things were going pretty well so I’m a bit bummed it’s over.

On the positive side I’m making progress in the relationship arena and this one really felt a lot more natural than in the past. I’ll try to take the positive out of this one as best I can.

There’s always the possibility I could remain friends with her, but I’m not sure I have that in me. I’m not going to rule it out yet but if I did I guess I would have to make sure I had no desire to get back together again.

It was such a short lived flame yet it was the best I’ve had. I suppose this means the best is yet to come. I’ll look forward to it. 2 years ago

user8862 2 years ago

yourwoman 2 years ago

TaylorMarrying my soulmate.

I don’t wanna marry just anybody who asks. I’m gonna wait until I know he’s the absolute one- until I think the sun shines out of his freaking soul, it isn’t meant to be. <3 2 years ago

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