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the metros

lazy habits

the king blues

x 5 years ago

thelightinthetunnelBroken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene :} 5 years ago


Even though I havn’t bought the album of one yet i have discovered so many GREAT bands.
I’ll be getting fall out boys album these holidays anyway.
I’ve grown to love hellogoodbye, fall out boy, cute is what we aim for, HIM, Oasis..i know those are well known but i didn’t know much about them before…and other bands that I cant remember because I’ve heard SO many.
This is great to do and I now feel better to be able to support and listen to the new unknown stuff…theres a lot of great stuff out there, you just have to search for it. 7 years ago


I’ve been listening to bands such as:

HIM (quite well known though)
Something Corporate
Senses Fail
Cute is what we aim for (thanks chemical_angels) They’re good!
From first to last
Fall out boy
Muse (not really known at all in Australia…or not much anyway)
The Academy Is… – They’re Awesome!

I have grown to realise how many great bands there are out there if I just forget the mainstream stuff for a bit…
Sure in mainstream there is Green Day and a lot of others, but I think my true musical roots are leading me into the lesser known stuff and I love it!
So, I’m not going to complete this goal until I actually buy one of the albums of the lesser known bands because there are so many out there and I’m going to support the artists! 8 years ago

chemical_angelsanother good place

another good place is purevolume.com. that is mainly a place for people to listen to music. the bands have a lot more songs on there and you can get info about them. but i have found out about two really good bands. the first is Cute Is What We Aim For, they are from Buffalo, NY. they are really good and they have a pop rock, powerpop sound. they are really good. the second band is called Bend The Sky from Minerva, OH. they are even better than ciwwaf. they are amazing and beautiful too. they are screamo/emo/hardcore. they are really good and it wouldnt be surprising if they were signed in a year or so. just check both bands out on myspace.com or on purevolume.com and see if you like them. 8 years ago

KatGreat place

A great place to find some new music is myspace.com. They’ve got a lot of bands in the music section and you can search for all different genres of bands and singers. Also there are a lot of unsigned bands there, with each musicians page having a few songs you can check out and you do not have to be a myspace.com member to listen! I will have to browse around when the internet is faster again..stupid 1 Gig broadband download..argh.. 8 years ago

KatHas my luck run out?

A month ago I discovered one of the best bands I have ever heard, just by seeing the name on a website, and wondering what their music sounds like. One month later I am sitting here listening to what I would consider the best CD I have ever heard or bought. That band is Panic!At the disco. I am wondering if it is possible to make another great discovery, or has my musical luck run out and do we only get shown one great unknown band in our lives. I’m not sure if I will find one as good as Panic!At the disco, but it may be possible to come close.
If I do find one, I am also going to try and buy their album at the same time, to complete this goal, which is something I left out in the goal, but oh well, those are my conditions for this goal.
Hopefully some more people will decide to do this goal as well, because it is great to find really great bands you have never heard before instead of continuing to listen to the same things everyone else is listening to. 8 years ago

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