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get over my ex husband

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its been 1 and 1/2 years since he left me for a younger woman and I want to be over and done with him 12 months ago

teri5890 12 months ago


I am sad to have lost all hope for a partner in my ex. He is a Meth addict. I gave him so many chances. I loved the person I know he was without the drug. But, him being 44 now and is choosing using and young women to sex and have around all te tine….. I must turn my back and choose to forget him. And any fantasy fog a life as a partner with hum. My daughter is my focus now. I will not ever assume the pain will change …...the best I believe Women. Can do is forget the love you thought u had. You and I were absolutely lutely lied to. We were conned. It must be forgotten and cut off like a diseased growth. We believed in a lie. Nothing else nothing more. Love yourself or lose all good in our lives. Women support each other not like we have ever known in any society. Love oursel 23 months ago

joysvirtues 23 months ago

dreya714 23 months ago

stillmiserable 2 years ago

Heather McIntyreSo far......

3months ago my husband of 8yrs told me he no longer loved me and I had to move out.He told everyone he would help me in any way he could…...which seemed to consist of him screaming at me alternating with him making me cups of tea….....
2 months ago I moved out to a rented room in a house and was offered a job which I will be starting next week.

Im also starting counselling next week. 2 years ago

Heather McIntyre 2 years ago

ChelseaF 2 years ago

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