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You get them right back again. Only…MORE! 7 years ago

SM_Store_3Walking with my eyes open

When your eyes are closed many thoughts can play on your mind.

When your eyes are only slightly opened your vision will be blurred.

When your eyes are fully opened you can see that the good in a person over powers the few faults they might have.

Make a wish do not tell any one, Next find 2 people in 12 hours and tell them 10 good things you like about them if you can get both of the to smile with out asking them to, and it was from your heart then wait if someone says 1 nice thing about you before the 12 hours is up with out you asking then your wish will be granted. 7 years ago

SM_Store_3Are things not going your way ? If not take the vision test and find out the answer !

Their was a family that had 3 boys in their 1 that was 14 and one 8 years old and another one a new born the 14 year old always picked on the 8 year old and told him he was to young and he did not know anything but his mother always would tell him you can do anything you put your mind to so one day the 8 year old wanted to prove to his older brother he was somebody and could do something so one night the 8 year old was looking out the window as his big brother was picking on him, and he looked at his big brother and said tommorrow I will let you pick a cloud and I will make me some wings and fly all the way through it from one end to the other and you will see. so early the next morning the little boy begin to make his wings and about lunch time he told his brother come pick a cloud and the big brother found the higest cloud in the sky and said that one so the 8 year old placed a homemade ramp leaning on a big high bush to use as his runway and the he placed his wings on and then he ran around the out side of the house to gain speed and on his second pass he ran up a the homemade ramp and leaped and he begin to flap his wings and he flew for a sec annd landed in the bush and he let out a Holar and his mom came running. Now for your vision test we all know what the brother said with out a doubt but what do you think the mother said when she seen him laying in the bush ? pre tend you are the mother or the dad and respond honestly. Once you think about what you would have said to the little boy repeat it one more time to your self, and this his how you are veiwing life at this point and time to find out the answer click on next entry for the answer 7 years ago

SM_Store_3What a answer !

If you think the mom are dad answered with boy what are you doing ! You are upset with the path your are travling and you can’t the opportunity to live because you can only see what others have done wrong.

If you think the mom are dad answered with Boy look at what you done to my bushes then you are dealing with some selfish issue that is not allowing you to be happy and you can’t see how beautiful the cloud is because of the damage done to the bush.

you have prefect sight for life if you think like this mom or dad said Son you may not have reached the cloud but stop and look your higher then the ground son I am proud that you have gained ground today and always keep in mind no goal in life is to high to reach the only question is how high are you willing to climb.

So no matter what your answer was with they make glasses so each and everyone of us can see more clear and live a happier life 7 years ago

AlaynaI have 100 invitations

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wcftexasGive away gmail invites

If you would like a gmail invite go to this web site http://www.wcftexas.com/horse and click on the FREE G-MAIL INVITE link,then put your e-mail address in the subject line. 8 years ago

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