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be completely happy

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How To Be Completely Happy

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007phantom_Happiness is center around your perspective more than your circumstances

If you can take the time out to focus on the things there are in life to be appreciate of it’ll help. Take into consideration your mortality and that one of the things you will probably want to do before you die is to be happy and as a result inspire others to be positive about the way they approach situations in their life. One thing that helps achieve happiness alongside a change in your state of mind is friends, family, people in general its the relationships you share with other people. Helping other people achieve their goals and taking the time to lend an ear to others can help increase the amount of self confidence you have in yourself and the value you have for yourself. Advice based on my experiences would be to: be humble, live simply, be caring, be firm, be disciplined, be accepting, be loving. 4 years ago


life is perfect, the only thing standing in its way is us. 6 years ago


again- i’m never quite satisfied and i want to change that. 6 years ago

audreybat one time or another.

i have been completely happy. happy is a state of mind and it is entirely your decision to be happy. i am making efforts to take things as they come and not worry constantly. even though i have been single for five months, i am still content. even though my parents are having custody issues, we are working through it. i am happy, i have wonderful friends, a nice house, and loving family. 6 years ago

AlexMacBlackBe completely happy

...it’s all anyone needs really. As long as you’re happy, you don’t need anything else. Of course, my idea of my happiness is…(well, it’s not just happiness, it’s my idea of HEAVEN)...living in amsterdam, owning a sailing yacht (preferably a contessa 32 shared with friends), a caravan to hire place near by, a fuck load of weed all the time, to be good at my job and happy with it, having a LOT of friends who I really connect with and to be satisfied with everything that I have accomplished. Wat about everybody else? 7 years ago

romikumui think...

..i can say that right now i am completely, utterly HAPPY…...
:) 8 years ago


i’m working on it…with help. ;)
i’ve met someone, we spent the entire weekend together, just being goofy (putt-putt, racing go-karts at Goony Golf) and i was just totally blown away at how he made me feel like a 15 year-old again.good times, good times. 8 years ago


i’m not exactly sure this is possible for me.i’m a naturally sad person, i actually like being sad,it makes me happy (does that make sense?)
but it would be nice to know what true happiness really feels like….... 9 years ago

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