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Watch all seven seasons of Buffy

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Recent activity

Violet SharpGasp!

It’s all over. I can’t believe I did it! The last one wasn’t so bad…and I cried. A lot. Onwards! 6 years ago

Violet SharpPlease...

...may a plague strike down the Potentials. 6 years ago

Violet SharpDear God!

Make it stop! Thankfully, three left. 6 years ago

Violet SharpI hate it!

I hate the seventh season! I have five episodes left and hope to cram them in tonight so I can move on to “Angel.” What an atrocity it is, after all the good stuff that came before it. Oh, and TuodekopeyesihtogrednaX!!! Madness!!! 6 years ago

Violet SharpI'm bored...

...’Episode I’ bored. I have seven episodes left to watch, and I’m not even that interested in finishing. My boy warned me that I wouldn’t like the last season, but I just had to watch anyway. The consolation is, there were lots more I loved than not. And I got a t-shirt that says “Hostile 17 Stole my Kittens,” which only the cool people understand. I will attempt to wrap this up soon, if only so I can remove it from my list. 6 years ago

Violet SharpMmmm...

...I found candy…http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer 7 years ago

Violet Sharp:(

I don’t like season seven… 7 years ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

I watched all seven seasons of Buffy beginning with the first episode. I stayed home on Tuesday evening(I think) just to eatch this show. 7 years ago

Violet SharpEeeeeeeee!

Smell the smoke? That’s cuz I burned through half of season seven in a day! 7 years ago

Violet Sharp*Sob!*

I am now half way through Season Five and all I do is cry! The whole “Buffy-didn’t-really-need-Riley” thing got to me, it’s hitting a little too close for me right now. So I watch it with my boyfriend and sob my little bruised heart out while he sits there oblivious to why it might upset me so much. Not that he asks, mind you…There is really no one for anyone, and pain is the only thing that’s real, I know this. Doesn’t keep it from hurting… 7 years ago

Violet SharpHalf way done!

Just finished Season Four! Ack, the heartache! The tears! The humor! New favorite line: “A bear! You made a bear! UNDO IT! UNDO IT!” 7 years ago

eddievonteeseIf ever I'm down...

It’s totally Buffy to the rescue, or Angel, depending.

This show is sadly underrated, in my opinion. 7 years ago

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