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sovrov89 3 months ago

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Moghs 3 months ago

Katrina 5 months ago

lifeart 6 months ago

SammySpectacular 10 months ago

Lisa 23 months ago

tanvirkh1 12 months ago


Purchase books, and take a few classes at school 12 months ago

will6911 12 months ago

user43695 13 months ago

TheyCallMeLegs 14 months ago

user47566 15 months ago

upyours6454 16 months ago

patterned 16 months ago

FinancialAnalyst2016 18 months ago

skr5eSeptember goal success (sort of)! November goal

I did read 10 random investing articles, so that was a success. I even bought my first 3 Dividend stocks this month: INTC, PM and ADM. They’re all trading down today :p

The problem with the articles is that they seemed too un-focused. I’m tailoring my November goal to delve into topics of investing.

November goal: Study Stock basics(10) and Index investing(10) 19 months ago

LisaStep one: complete

I got a TD Waterhouse trading account. Let the fun begin :) 19 months ago

Flow36 19 months ago

skr5eSeptember goal

My goal for September is to read at least 10 investing related articles. 19 months ago

skr5esavings account

I finally opened my first HISA with ING Direct. I feel silly for not getting this done sooner. 21 months ago

skr5eSome book learnin'

Picked up “The Intelligent Investor” and also “Security Analysis” both by Benjamin Graham. I flipped through them, they seem dense and a little technical but simple enough for a beginner to understand.

It’s also a mid-term goal to have completely absorbed all of the information in both of these books by the end of this year. No point in rushing. 23 months ago

user21633 23 months ago

PJSharp 2 years ago

skr5edipped a toe

Today I opened a Roth IRA with Vanguard and contributed the max for 2011 into a couple of funds. 2 years ago


ok some jerk banned my last account for posting a link to a non-commercial investing article, but I’m just posting this update again for the record: I’m still educating myself in finance and investment and I’ve been learning about international investing, specifically ADRs which I had never heard of.

For anyone interested in international stock investing, check out ADRs! It’s an interesting branch of investing. 2 years ago

skr5e 2 years ago

Tomasz Kusmierczyk 2 years ago

egalbo 2 years ago

orocui 2 years ago

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