Find out why I ALWAYS see 9:11

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Rene W.I guess

I will never know… 7 years ago

Rene W.Saw it on 8 different

clocks today both morning & evening! I just said to myself; it just means that someone special is thinking about you right now… no big deal! 8 years ago

Rene W.Is it a sign?

I googled this last night & found a million other people with the same problem! I was stunned… Another number that I see is 11:11, which was also mentioned by others. Maybe it’s the 11 – could be my lucky number? Yeah, let’s just call it luck. 8 years ago

Rene W.Why?

I hate this! It’s been about 10 years now that I continually see these numbers… 9:11 am & pm, money, pages, street signs, on TV. I remember it was happening a lot around 2000. I told a co-worker about it, laughing because it seemed so stupid & she said that her son sees it too! Then my husband began seeing it. We would always make a joke about it or point it out on the clock when the other didn’t notice it.

One day in 1999 or 2000, I had a dream about playing the lottery. I dreamt that I picked the numbers 9-1-1 and there was a bunch of confusion about it & they wouldn’t give me the money. I took this as a sign that I should play the daily 3, so the next day I went down & bought 2 picks: 911, 119. Well, the winning number turned out to be 191! I immediately called the lottery to see if I had won anything because I had actually picked all 3 numbers, just not in the correct order. The way it was worded on the back, it looked like I should have won something because two were correct – 9&1. But they said NO! I was so mad! Then I realized that my dream was actually real! I did play the lottery & there was some confusion and they wouldn’t give me the money. It was such a big deal around our house for a while.

Then when the 9/11 events occured & my husband & I watched in horror, we were in tears. I felt like my subconcious mind had known about it before it happened. I feel horrible & now whenever I see those numbers, I just want to scream. 8 years ago

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