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be a better listener

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How To Be A Good Listener

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Becoming A Good Listener

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How To Be A Good Listener

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Kaylarenee87 2 months ago

littlerusalkaNote to Self

Sometimes trying to listen better can act as a barrier to listening because you are putting pressure on yourself to try harder. Let go and it will come naturally. 4 months ago

littlerusalkaA short, effective talk about listening

Julian Treasure describes how the noisiness of modern life has effected our capacity to listen well and gives tips on how to change this.

http://www.ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_5_ways_to_listen_better.html 5 months ago

littlerusalkaDefer Judgement!

I’ve been doing some reading about active listening tonight and realise that like many people, I am guilty of not fully listening because I’m easily distracted, either by other things happening around me, my own thoughts on what the person is saying or I’m busy trying to multi-task.

I am particularly guilty of getting distracted by my own thoughts because I have a very analytical mind, so I think I am going to set myself a challenge to try and not interrupt the flow of communication between me and someone else by thinking too much! This is going to be a big challenge, but I have to begin somewhere.

Let the active listening begin!! 5 months ago

Cyndi Pedraza 5 months ago

Solotrekker 5 months ago

qingcaitou 4 years ago

maxskyfan 6 months ago

girlwitglasses 7 months ago

WormKisses 8 months ago

Treatgirlie 8 months ago

NicciNax 8 months ago

Robin Gasparini 10 months ago

Saraband 4 years ago

Miguel Gutierrez 3 years ago

enzoitgoes 11 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

niekoolienI think i've gotten better at this

But here’s always room for improvement i suppose 15 months ago

guitargirl711 15 months ago

ayooshRi 16 months ago

Janek 16 months ago

rhonda murray 17 months ago


I guess I need to record when I notice myself doing this and what effect it has had. 17 months ago


I need to do this with family and at work as much as anywhere. I tend to tune out when I’m not interested in what someone is saying. I need to work on the ‘seek first to understand’ part. 18 months ago

Maggief927Still need to work on this

Less talking and more listening. I hate facing my short comings, but this is one of them. I need to listen more, engage people in a conversation and not turn it around to be about me or my experiences. I don’t like the way this must come across to people, and I am working on it. I love to hear about peoples everyday life. I don’t mind hearing about peoples jobs, family, and daily adventures. I realize some people don’t want to hear or know that stuff about others. Still working on this. 18 months ago

user33581 20 months ago

Greg Kops 20 months ago

lindzelStop the "ME, ME, ME!" attitude.

I have an annoying tenancy to not really listen, but just to interrupt whenever possible, and talk about how the topic relates to me.I hate when others do that, so I don’t know how this habit got so bad for me, but it has to stop. I need to learn to just listen to what someone else has to say, and maybe ask relevant questions, and just let them talk. 21 months ago

lindzel 21 months ago

Chynnadoll87 21 months ago

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