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haha_fork 3 months ago

asosaki 5 years ago

Christian Grønlund 6 months ago

Heidi 7 months ago

DCShay182 8 months ago

DayDreamer37 9 months ago

takeflight25 11 months ago

raindrops 3 years ago


I read!

And I like it.

This is true.

Therefore, it is a hobby.

:satisfied: 13 months ago

jxd37 13 months ago

NEWFIEGEORGE 14 months ago

sammi_mac 15 months ago

Liac8705 16 months ago


OK, I don’t do the crossword everyday but I do enjoy it and do it whenever I can, so that makes it a hobby!

I’m going to broaden my crossword reach to crosswords from different newspapers. 17 months ago

SummerBucketList 22 months ago

Spatz 2 years ago

SpatzI found a nice hobby


Though I can’t knit at the moment because my sinus infection makes my RSI-addled hands hurt too much.

But I like knitting – and after I finish my mega-long scarf I’ll start knitting socks :D 2 years ago

SpatzKnitting ;)

It’s fun and relaxing and somehow meditative …
Interesting to see if my project will turn into a hobby.

I also would like to try crocheting and painting!

picture via pinterest2 years ago

Sequanawhat to do?

I would love to have a hobby, that I would look forward to and that would bring me a joy.

My hobby should:
- be creative;
- make me do some manual work;
- connect me with a people;
- be transferable;

I´ve got a plenty of a short term hobbies since childhood. Most of them are already forgotten, but I´ll try to analyze, what did I like about them and whether I should continue in it again.

My “use-to-have” hobbies:
- playing piano – not a big success,I quit after two years and i still regret that :( Last year I bought a flexible piano, but I do not practice at all and probably I´ve forgotten even how to play Twinkle, twinkle little star…
- aquarium – I used to have aquarium with fish and turtles since childhood. I didn´t have a time for it during the university studies and had to give it away. I started this hobby again one year ago – and it makes me happy;
- collecting whatever – oh, I loved collecting when I was a child! I was collecting postcards, napkins, coins, cards, chewing-gum comics… Now I´m still a collector, but most of all I´m “collecting” books :)
- go fishing – well, my father use to make me go fishing with him when I was a child… I considered it really boring. Now I try to go with him fishing at least once a year and it is a great relax – because all I have to do is sit near the water and relax :)
- crocheting – I use to do this when I was a child, but now, when everything can be bought I just don´t know why to do it…I crocheted some small presents for my friends, but now I have no plan what to do..
- travelling? oh I love that a lot, but is it a hobby?
- watching series and movies? – I do that very often..
- surfing internet? :)

I know… what about cooking? or baking? or stain glassing? 2 years ago

Sequana 2 years ago

SpatzCustoms released my knit kit!

Ok, now the waiting starts again.Wonder when it will be here!

Image from here2 years ago


is still holding on to my knit kit.
I sent the invoice and credit Card statement to them.
Looks like another weekend without knitting.
booooh. 2 years ago


My knit kit is stuck in customs.
Today I got a formal letter requesting that I send them my paypal invoice.
Looks like no knitting this weekend.
:-( 2 years ago

mulberry818 6 years ago

Squiggleboots 2 years ago

SpatzI'll be knitting

A shawl!
I ordered a beginners kit with wool and needles :)
It’s a lovely color on the picture. Can’t wait for the kit to arrive! 2 years ago


everybody suddenly talking about knitting.
I’m going to look this up, sounds lovely. 2 years ago


Sleeping doesn’t count, I’m afraid.
Wasting time on Facebook? Breathing? Procrastination?

on to something new, something fun (there’s a theme hidden here, I’m noticing now….)

What would I love to do? Paint? Write? Craft?

Questions, questions… 2 years ago

Valentina86 2 years ago

AllYouSee 2 years ago

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