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Sarah Chevalier 2 weeks ago

BrittanyParisBartram 10 months ago

elliewald 12 months ago

msh_northwest 15 months ago

lilballerina7 15 months ago

kpetrieNext term

Term one complete of 2nd year at uni, this term I’m going to attend ALL lectures and more importantly ALL seminars 15 months ago

kpetrie 15 months ago

hastie69 15 months ago

user47074 15 months ago

user46209 15 months ago

oltros2 16 months ago

Sherie Adams 17 months ago

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lonelygeisha 21 months ago

Faine Katres 22 months ago

maubuchon1463 2 years ago

user8902 2 years ago

engelkenk 2 years ago

flankdubtechnojazzSome thoughts

It seems to me that everything has to have a reason. Otherwise there’s no point in it existing or occuring. Whenever I have a boring task to do, I ask myself why I’m doing it. And if there isn’t one, I look for one or stop doing whatever it is. I end up looking for reasons inside reasons inside reasons like when thinking about exam revision. Why revise? so you do well in exams. Why do well in exams? it improves your chances of getting the job/uni place you want. Why get a job? so you can live comfortably. Why live?... then I can’t think of a reason for it. Lately I’ve given myself goals and things to achieve before I die that’ll keep me trundling on for a while but I still don’t feel a sense of motivation, a sense that life and everything that comes with it will be worth it. 2 years ago

ukcatsfan9 2 years ago

MarbleScrew 2 years ago

Tom Cayton 2 years ago

Danitoons 2 years ago

flankdubtechnojazzCoursework, zzzzzzzzzzz

more struggling to do, despite the holidays approaching. I’ve got to get 3000 words done by tuesday and it’s taken me like a week to do the first 1000. I just want it to be over so I can finally relax. 2 years ago

Clashmama 2 years ago

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