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get my grandparent's backyard professionally landscaped without paying a professional price

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maltitiLike, planning and plotting...

Gran leaves to visit my mom next week. Granpa wants to stay home…to…feed…the…dogs!

I’m like: “I can do it.”

But he’s all like: “No, we can’t ask so much of you.”

Then I’m all like: “But, it’s just the dogs. I can feed the dogs!” (It did occur to me to ask how often they’re fed – I figured twice, that’s how often I fed my dog back in the day – it’s only once daily.)

To which he replies quite stern-like: “Nah, man. It’s not the first time she’s going alone to Toronto.”

So, like, I’m spending this week covertly trying to figure out how to get them both out of the house for a week so that I can get some landscapers in for quotes before snow starts falling.

(Rubbing hands…) It’s all coming together. 7 years ago

maltitiBy the end of the month...

...I’ll know whether or not I can get some students to work on my grandparent’s backyard. I specifically need to ask for “conception” and “réalization” services (err, for free ideally or at cost which I think my mom and my partner would help chip in for). Most schools are on vacation now.

I’ve got the following options:

1. Le Centre de formation horticole de Laval
2. Métiers de l’horticulture de Montréal
3. L’école des métiers des Faubourgs de Montréal

The last one is a school that teaches varied trades including tailoring. I might even get a Jr. tailor out of this deal! Sweetness!

Thanks again goes out to MyCapaciousBottega for the idea! 7 years ago

maltitiGoing over this week...

...to help put up the gazeebo. When I mentioned the contest to gran a few weeks ago she was like “Yea, I know…it’s the dogs. I used to have a beautiful backyard.”

Oh, poor dear. I told her I didn’t want to offend her and that I just wanted her and gramps to enjoy themselves.

Like my mom, she also wants to pave over the grass (leaving soil only for the flower and veggie gardens)! Hun? But then again, it would be more practical for them due to the dogs and the fact that they’re not getting any younger, right? 7 years ago

maltitiNow I'm not a Cheapo...

...but landscaping a front yard – let alone the back yard – can run into the 10s of thousands.

They need:
  • New grass
  • A perimeter veggie garden
  • An expanded patio
  • An updated cabano
  • New dog houses for Holly & Oscar
  • New fencing
I want them to also have:
  • A new apple or pear tree
  • Updated but easy to use BBQ equipment
  • An enclosed meditative space

It’s been about two years that I’ve wanted to do this, however, this summer I’m serious because gran’s getting knee replacment surgery in a few weeks and won’t be able to garden like she loves to. Furthermore, gramps needs help with some stuff and I don’t want him overexerting himself.

I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m sure we won’t have our regular “Invite Everyone You Ever Met Cuz There’s Enough For All of You” BBQs because of this.

So, considering the costs, my approach is to get my grandparent’s backyard on a home reno show. Did the search a few days ago, based on an entry by Ms. Bryce (who had the wicked fortune to get her livingroom redone for TV) but was dismayed cuz all of the Canadian shows require you to live in Toronto.

I could apply for a French show but my grandparent’s don’t speak it so it wouldn’t make for good TV.

Tonight on the radio I heard of a contest that may help so I’m going to do my best to get the garden done this way.

And, sigh, if I fail this summer I’m going to have to start saving and convincing my mom to do the same. 8 years ago

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