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it is my dream to one day have a pet duck! i want one so much but i’m worried i won’t be able to give it the attention that it needs. 4 years ago

sunny dayUntitled

i love ducks. they are so cute. i want one. 4 years ago

aJayBoulderAn easy way to obtain a pet duck....

So I’ve always wanted to have a pet duck and looked high and low…

Pet stores rarely carry them because most people want ducklings just a few days old, and it’s hard to carry those.

You may be lucky enough to have a duck hatchery, close by, but if you’re like me you don’t.

So found myself going to where else…the internet to find one. After browsing many websites, the one I liked the most (and eventually bought from) is The key difference is that they can ship as few as two ducklings, and don’t make you buy a minimum of 15 like most farms and hatcheries.

I got my pet duck when it was just a day or two old, and it has been such a delight to watch grow and thrive.

I certainly recommend this experience to anyone! 5 years ago


i LOVE ducks!!!!!!!!! there sooo cute and fluffy esp wen there small and cute! awww. wen i move out i will have to get a big garden and keep thm in a big pond at the one of it 5 years ago

fatimah2001where can i buy a duck online

like have any of you actuaklly order one off line?
i raised the duck i have but thy are so hard to find. i bought another duckling but he died i dont want to go through that again i need to buy one that id old enough to start a relationship with daffy 6 years ago

fatimah2001im trying to buy a duck

hey im trying to buy a duck, 3and half weeks or older 6 years ago

hufflePducki love our PET ducks!!

we have 9 ducks. All were rescued from various bad situations. All are AWESOME, EGGGGCELLENT and ADORABLE pets!!

I love ducks! They quack me up.

note: I’m new at this site, so not egggactly how to add comments, but I am ALWAYS willing to help with info/ideas for people interested in pet ducks!! 6 years ago


see my previous entry; plans changed and now I have a super-cute bunny 7 years ago

bigboehmboyPlans Changed

I gave up on the pet duck, and instead got a reallllly cute bunny rabbit! No regrets! 7 years ago

Ruthy StapletonUntitled

Here’s a great site to learn how to raise and care for your pet duck!

About the winter, you’ll have to keep them inside. But, in order to that, you’ll need a duck diaper: 7 years ago

Lindsey CarterUntitled

It is a lovely idea, I grew up with a duck as a pet. 7 years ago

roslyn43Not for now. :(

Consigning this to the “distant future” basket. It really isn’t feasible to keep a duck in an apartment! 7 years ago


I got 2 pet ducks from a farm in California.. they were shipped to my house here in Pennsylvania, on July 19, 2005. They were 2 male rouen ducklings, only 1 day old. :] They were absolutely adorable, and they’re a little needy when they’re young, like they would cheep wildly whenever I left them alone, but they are so funny and an absolute delight to raise. I named them Rocko and Stimpy. :]

Sadly, Stimpy was attacked by a hawk November 23, 2006, and he passed away the next day, because it happened on Thanksgiving, and no vets were open. It was really devastating, because I’d raised them from a day old.

Rocko was devastated, so we went to a farm auction and bought another duck, a female khaki campbell I’ve named Sophie. She’s adorable, and follows Rocko everywhere. :]

Ducks are wonderful pets. :)! 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago


what do you do with them in the winter? 8 years ago

Alexis793Mixed Feelings

For Easter my mom got me a duck. I’d wanted one for the last 19 20 years that I can remember. So, this was my year. I ended up with 3 of them. One for me. One for my boyfriend. One for my wonderful little nephew. Scot’s little duck Oscar was playing in the yard, and a bird came down and took everything neck up. My nephews duck Roberto fell off the porch and broke it’s neck. I had it put to sleep for a small 129 bucks. Only cause it was x-ray’d & took the same amount of sleep potion as a chichuawa. Now, my duck Clarance he’s the best pet ever. I walk him around with a dog harness. He plays in my moms bird bath… he’s great. A pet duck has to be the best pet ever! 8 years ago

tinyroseanother sad story..

I had several pet ducks when I was in first grade. Every one of them was eaten by raccoons! So I learned my mistake and spent weeks building a raccoon-proof cage for three more ducklings. Alas, it didn’t take more than 2 nights for the weasels to find them! I said it was worth it… because some lessons must be learned. 8 years ago

xtroublex*Day Dreaming*

It Would Be So Great..

Could This Duckie Count!?
8 years ago

HelloMokonaI love my ducks!

I have a Rouen male and a Mallard female, I raised them from ducklings, and they are great pets! They have such funny personalities, and it’s great to sit outside and watch them all day. They way they waddle and quack is just so cute.

They so are easy to take care of, once you have a secure pen (I used a large chain link dog kennel with a sun screen top) and a kiddie pool. Duck food is 28 cents a pound. They poop a lot, so I wouldn’t recommend keeping them indoors. Definately get two so that they will bond with each other. They are not so needy that way, and it won’t be so hard on them if you have to leave their sight. 8 years ago

spamula27I want to get a pet Duck!

I want a pet Duck so I can name it Quackers! =) 8 years ago

BluePuppywhat type of duck do you want to find?

personally, i want to find rouens!
that’s a little rouen dude named “buddy”
they still have the coloration of mallards, and i love mallards =p
they supposedly have very gentle dispositions,too, which is nice :)

the colors on drakes and hens are both pretty nice 8 years ago

bigboehmboyI want one soo bad!

I can’t explain it, but I want a pet duck soo bad! I hear they can be a bit difficult and require alot of attention, but honestly, is there anything cuter than a little duckling? And I love the way ducks walk, waddling from side to side. For me it represents a uniqueness, the duck is a creature thqat is different, but accepts this, and in fact seems proud of this. And I would teach mine to dance which would rock so hard (has anyone seen that south park?) 8 years ago

BluePuppybread and popcorn are bad for duckies?

a good site to read for duckie info—

i’m moving soon and i’m thinking of getting a duck. i always wanted one and this seems like the right chance
yay! 8 years ago


Then i’ll teach it how to sing and moo.

And i’ll call it a smuck. (singing, mooing, duck.) 8 years ago

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