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user1398749211 3 months ago

SyairahKhamis100 things that makes me happy about my boyfriend

1. His eyes.
2. His smile.
3. His fluffy hair
4. His chubby cheeks
5. His chest.
6. His bear hands
7. The smell of him
8. The shampoo smell that sticks to his hair
9. His skin
10. His long lashes.
11. His height, perfect for me.
12. His style.
13. The way he plays around with his hair.
14. The fact that he is incredibly talented in so many ways.
15. His kindness.
16. The way he always wants to cuddle with me.
17. The way he greets me with open arms getting ready to give me a hug and the sparkle in his eyes when we finally get to meet.
18. The way he always says I’m pretty even when I’m in my baggy tee and shorts with no make up.
19. They way he always pulls down my blouse correctly to make it neat.
20. The way he never fails to cheer me up.
21. How he always comes over to my place almost everyday after school although he’s tired.
22. They way he is so comfortable with me
23. They way of how he is very protective of me
14. The way his arms feel around my waist. 5 months ago

user1392748289 5 months ago

SyairahKhamis 5 months ago

user1392330754 5 months ago

user1392170610 5 months ago

thamaenti 5 months ago

emparkss12 5 months ago

user1391641715 5 months ago

user1391329071 6 months ago

drosario02 6 months ago

aaamyx 7 months ago

charleysthings 8 months ago

h_suurman 10 months ago

xLeighx 10 months ago

xLeighx100 Things

  1. His eyes
  2. His voice
  3. His smile
  4. His laugh
  5. His heartbeat
  6. His looks
  7. He’s a good father
  8. He’s good with children
  9. His kisses
  10. His hugs
  11. His hair
  12. The way he likes to cuddle
  13. The way he smiles when I kiss him
  14. The way he kisses my forehead
  15. The way he kisses my nose
  16. The way he kisses my neck
  17. The way he smells
  18. His facial hair
  19. He always tells me he loves me
  20. The way he puts up with my crazy moods
  21. The way he sings
  22. His obsession with games
  23. His love of anime
  24. His scars
  25. He’s close to his family
  26. He’s willing to drive me around
  27. The way he cuddles in when he goes to sleep
  28. His taste in music
  29. He loves star wars
  30. The way he snores
  31. He comforts me when I’m upset
  32. He makes me laugh
  33. He makes me happy
  34. He made me fall in love with him so fast
  35. The way he says “you’re mine”
  36. He’s faithful
  37. He loves dogs as much as I do
  38. The way he asked me out
  39. He can cook
  40. He lets me sleep on his shoulder
  41. He holds my hand in public
  42. The way he rubs my hand when we hold hands
  43. The way he teases me
  44. He constantly kisses me when we watch movies together
  45. He makes me feel special
  46. How good he is with computers
  47. How his hands feel on my skin
  48. How good he is in bed
  49. He’s not afraid to speak his mind
  50. He makes me feel safe
  51. His height
  52. He’s confident
  53. His randomness
  54. He’s always warm
  55. The way his body feels pressed against me
  56. The way he turns me on
  57. He doesn’t smoke
  58. The way he puts his hand in my lap while he’s driving
  59. The way I still get butterflies when I think about him
  60. How he tickles me
  61. How he complains about other drivers
  62. How he’s completely changed my life
  63. That he doesn’t care what anyone thinks
  64. His voice when he first wakes up
  65. He’s smart
  66. That he’s mine
  67. He’s the complete opposite of me
  68. When he puts his arms around my waist
  69. That he’s not scared of commitment
  70. He likes pizza
  71. He’s comfy
  72. The taste of his lips
  73. The way he knows when something is wrong
  74. That he doesn’t like football
  75. He’s honest
  76. That his favourite colours are green and purple
  77. The way he looks at me
  78. How he calls me “my love”
  79. He loves me despite my flaws
  80. He tells me he misses me
  81. How I can still remember the first time he spoke to me
  82. His generosity
  83. His sweet side
  84. His patience with me
  85. The way he knows useless but interesting information
  86. He listens to me
  87. He looks good in his glasses
  88. How perverted he can be
  89. How he tells me about his day
  90. How he likes Disney films
  91. The way he snuggles against me in the morning
  92. The way he’ll spend the whole day in bed with me
  93. He didn’t leave when he learnt about my problems
  94. When he whispers in my ear
  95. He’s affectionate in public
  96. He made my birthday special
  97. He listens to me complain about my family
  98. How he still has a teddy bear from his childhood
  99. How he loves chocolate cookies
  100. He’s perfect for me and I love him 10 months ago

camila_la_freak 13 months ago

loreang 13 months ago

TerriWanjiku 14 months ago

anawrocki 15 months ago

gracie380100 things I love about him <3

1. You have the most amazing eyes.
2. I love your hair even though you hate it.
3. I love how your beard feels against my face when you kiss me.
4. I love how you always look good in anything.
5. Your smile takes my breath away every time.
6. I love how ticklish you are. It makes me smile. :)
7. The way you look at me.
8. Your smell.
9. How sweet and tender you are when you kiss me.
10. I love it when you tell me to kiss you.
11. When you are silly.
12. When you dance.
13. How you look sexy when you get jealous.
14. How you want all my attention.
15. When you hold my hand.
16. When you tell me you love me.
17. How you worry about me.
18. How you still love me even though I make you mad sometimes.
19. Love it when we watch movies together.
20. Love how you want to share the things you like with me because you like me that much.
21. Love that you haven’t given up on us.
22. You risked your relationship with your friends for me.
23. How you always compliment me.
24. How you make me feel special.
25. I love your determination.
26. Love that you are work oriented.
27. I love running my fingers through your hair.
28. How smart you are.
29. Your voice sends shivers down my spine.
30. When you sing.
31. How mysterious you are.
32. You’re laugh is one in a million.
33. How sexy you look when you come out of the shower.
34. You look great in jeans ;)
35. How great you are with computers.
36. How you fix things for me. Like my bike.
37. How you always try to encourage me.
38. How you cook for me.
39. How great you are with your niece and nephew (I can tell you are going to be a great dad)
40. How you always say I smell good.
41. How sometimes you just simply amaze me.
42. I love your caring side.
43. I love that you adore your dad.
44. How I miss you so much even when we argue.
45. How I still want to be around you even though I’m mad at you.
46. How you want me all to yourself.
47. Your stories.
48. I love your tough side.
49. I love your lips.
50. I love grabbing your face and feeling your beard when we kiss.
51. When you caress my head.
52. When you try to tickle me even though I’m not ticklish.
53. How fast you eat, its cute XD
54. How you gave me Moejoe for Xmas.
55. How hot you look in beanies.
56. I love how you are not at all how other people perceive you.
57. I love it when you play the guitar.
58. When you play the harmonica.
59. When you tell me about your chilhood.
60. Your family is awesome.
61. I love how you were man enough to move.
62. I love how picky you are. It drives me crazy but it makes me laugh.
63. I love how good you look in sunglasses.
64. I love that you can play soccer.
65. Eskimo kiss!! XD
66. I love how you let me pick your nose.
67. I love when we take baths together ;)
68. I love how your hands feel on my skin.
69. I love that you love it when I dance.
70. How you want kids one day.
71. That you don’t regret falling in love with me.
72. The time we kissed on the mountain.
73. How nervous you were our first time.
74. How you like to be the best at what you do.
75. That you love 3 Doors Down.
76. How you try hard not to fall asleep in order to hang with me even though you work at night.
77. How you always take a pen with you. (Pens are very handy)
78. How happy you look when you tell me about your childhood stories.
79. When you think I’m not looking and you stare at me.
80. How you love my hair.
81. How you know how to save your money.
82. How you don’t drink that much.
83. How you don’t do drugs.
84. How you’ve said that you want me in your future.
85. How you stand up for me.
86. How you’ve tried things out of your comfort zone for me.
87. When you hold me.
88. How you always want to make sure I am comfy.
89. How you share your blanket with me when we watch movies.
90. When you are playful with me XD
91. When you told me that you had never wanted to be with anyone else as much as me.
92. When you describe how much I mean to you.
93. How you deal with me even though I know I am complicated.
94. When you kiss my belly.
95. When you try to lick my face.
96. How you like everything I wear.
97. How you are not afraid to speak your mind.
98. How much you value the time we have together.
99. How you like it when we sleep on the same bed.
100. How much you really love me <3 15 months ago

gracie380 15 months ago

HiiImKailei123 16 months ago

idget36100 things i love about you boo <3

1.your eyes
2. your smile
3.your laugh
4.your lips chest
6.your hair
7.your confidence
8.your passion
9.your honesty
10.your loyalty
11.your smell
12.your hands
13.your sense of humor
20.youdont try to change me listen to me will be silly with me
23.youre my best friend make me feel beautiful trust me
26.I trust you make me laugh make me happy treat me like a princess never make me cry will play with me
32. you joke around with me
33. you call me beautiful
34. my parents like u friends love you
36.your taste in music sing to me let me wear your hat aren’t controlling let me be me
41.we hardly ever fight
42. you always text me good night tell me I am amazing
44. 16 months ago

idget36 16 months ago

adancingstar 16 months ago

tanjawinter 17 months ago

carolineisawsome18 18 months ago

SierraSwagg33100 things I love about my Boyfriend

1. His smile
2. His personality
3. His hugs
4. His kisses
5. He takes care of me
6. He’s always there for me
7. He acts as my best friend
8. He’s over protective
9. He pushes me to be a better person
10. He has a future planned for himself
11. His body
12. His back
13. His wrists
14. He’s athletic
15. He knows all the right think to say
16. He knows me better than anyone else
17. He can relate to me in so many ways
18. He wants the best for me
19. He kisses my forehead
20. His hands for perfectly with mine
21. He gives me what I want even if I don’t deserve it
22. He cures me when I’m sick
23. He falls asleep on the phone with me
24. His hair
25. His scent
26. His sense of humor
27. His big lips
28. His eyes
29. He cooks for me
30. He knows everything I like and don’t like
31. He kisses my neck
32. He makes me feel safe
33. He’s good with kids
34. We like the same music
35. He’s competitive
36. He changed me as a person
37. He strives to be better
38. He supports me
39. He’s sensitive
40. He does everything I ask
41. He spoils me
42. He cuddles with me
43. He know all the right things to do and say
44. He makes me happy
45. He gets along with my family
46. He calls me princess
47. He puts me as his lock screen
48. He brags about me
49. He doesn’t care what people think of him
50. He works hard
51. He wipes my tears
52. He plays video games with me
53. He never makes me feel left out
54. He’s generous
55. He accepts me for who I am and for who I use to be
56. He calls me beautiful when I have no make up on
57. He likes my natural hair
58. He motivates me
59. He kisses my toes
60. He gives me his shoulder to cry on
61. He always has my back
62. He wants to move in with me someday
63. He wants kids
64. He can see us getting married
65. He dresses nice.
66. I love how he’s been through so much yet he’s still strong
67. His height
68. He tells me when I need to calm down
69. He holds me from behind
70. He loves cuddling and watching movies
71. He knows when I’m mad
72. He doesn’t like periods
73. He always knows how to make me laugh
74. He always apologizes when he messes up
75. We both like the Niners
76. He’s passionate about wrestling
77. He makes the cutest faces
78. He pushes me on his skateboard
79. He calls me when he gets a break at work
80. He loves when I paint my nails
81. He always says I love you before hanging up
82. He gets jealous when other guys talk to me
83. He kisses my belly and thighs
84. He walks me home from practices
85. He never lets me walk home when it’s dark
86. He remembers everything I say
87. He always brings me food after work
88. He knows not to mention certain things around me
89. He learns from his mistakes
90. He puts me before himself
92. He always pays when we go out
93. He bites his bottom lip
94. He grabs me by my hips
95. He’s confident in himself
96. He never intentionally hurts me
97. He kisses my nose
98. He lets me pop his pimples
99. He always texts me that he loves and misses me
100. After a year and 5 months of being together, he’s made me the happiest girl alive 19 months ago

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