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Changing the way I look has made a really noticible difference in the way people address me and behave around me. When I go into a shop no one looks at me suspiciously – which is REALLY offensive! I have moved away from hippie towards sophisticated art student, but I am continuing to embrace my inner hippie by buying fair trade and organic produce… and I plan to keep it that way! I have also been asked out twice this week by two very nice men that – hallelujah – are not drug dealers or “bums” but instead a graphic designer and a musician.

N.B. What still needs work is the way I speak and what I say – I tend to ramble on without actually saying anything worth saying… so why would anyone listen or take me seriously. So yes, work still to be done! 3 years ago

Bethan WebsterCan a quirky art student ever be taken seriously?!

It seems to me that only those who act and dress ridiculously conservatively get taken seriously. I like to think I’m smart but I think far too many judge me by my appearance before I’ve even opened my mouth! This will be no more! 3 years ago

abductodudeDTClass Clown

Damnit. I am a human being. I’m tired of being treated less than everybody else. I have feelings. I’m smart. I admit, i’m no genius, but everytime I have an idea or something to say that should be taken seriously, people just blow it off. I just want everybody to know that I have feelings. That i’m human, non-the less. I don’t want to be the Class Clown. I wanna be treated equal. 3 years ago

ClarkeShaunaShift Manager

I am a thirty year old woman, clean and presentable, with a university degree, a husband and two children. However, when I am at work, some customers do not take me seriously. I look young for my age and I have a young voice. These are aspects I cannot change, but I am a very capable and intelligent person who does not appreciate being treated like a “lesser” person because I work in food service. Frankly, I’m sick of it. I am working towards taking over my own store and I wish to be taken seriously.

Should I change my appearance? 4 years ago


I am so sick and tired of not being taken seriously. I am almost 40 years old and I am sick and tired of not being listened to and being chuckled at in an “aw how cute” way when I am trying to state something of a very serious matter (to name a couple of things). I may have a small speech impediment and I may have a mild hearing loss, but I am not a “dumb little thing who goes on these stupid little rants” or “stupid little worry wart who doesn’t know anything.”
I am just as smart, mature and capable as anyone else and I have proved myself time and time again on this. I am sick of not being listened to, being laughed at and ignored. 5 years ago

anewdogtaken seriously

I wish I could be taken seriously too, Ill say something and my parents wont listen or just ignore it even though everytime I tell them something Im right. Or by the opposite sex, I told someone that I liked them and she said I was cute what am I supposed to do with that? 5 years ago

didimimiI want to be taken seriously

Particularly in work environment. Somehow people at work, who are older and somewhat have “more” experience than me, tend not to take me seriously…and i am sick of it. That’s one of the reason why i am right now taking a specialty in my field, so when i return to work i will be more prepare to face such asses. 5 years ago


Somehow this happened, and I got taken too seriously. 7 years ago


I may just be complaining but I’m over being ignored and taken as a joke. I’m not stupid and see the way people roll their eyes and contradict what I’ve already said. Is every perosn not intitled to their own opinion and own thoughts or do we have to become a mainstream world and follow each other’s every movement and word! 7 years ago

lynnorajeanComes with age

But also with the company you keep. 7 years ago


This still isn’t happening. 7 years ago


People just don’t seem to take me seriously sometimes. I wonder if it’s b/c I’m so young. Like my friends are all older than me and I feel as if half the time I missing out on something. I want to speak up but what’s the use, no one ever listens to what I have to say so what does it matter. 7 years ago


Well, it seems that way. Also seems that people never know what the hell I’m talking about it. So either I can’t communicate clearly, people just don’t know jack shit or my genius is just too much for the layperson. I’m going to go with the second one sprinkled with bits of the first. 8 years ago


In my current job, I get the feeling that some people there don’t take me very seriously at all. Someone in management came up to a couple of us the other day as we were getting things done, and she said, “Oh, look at our little worker bees, working hard! Busy busy busy!” ARRRGGHHH!!! Sheesh! 8 years ago

TwiceBittenI am real!!

Don’t you hate it when people roll their eyes when your talking, or interrupt you when you are talking, like what you have to say is totally unimportant to them, or not worth them hearing??? Don’t you hate it when you have an idea or a thought and people just look at you like you have two heads, or don’t even acknowledge that you said anything, or worse yet, refuses to even consider what you are saying?? I am fairly intelligent, I admit, I am no genius, but I do have legitimate thoughts and ideas and I do have feelings and would just like for people to remember that!!!! 8 years ago

bullcow12Laugh Clown Laugh

There is an old movie with Lon Chaney called “Laugh, Clown, Laugh.” In it, he is a clown who confesses his love to the tightrope walker. She laughs at him thinking he is joking. Immediately after, it is his turn to perform so he must pretend to be carefree and cheerful while inside he is crushed. His assistant is watching and says, “Laugh, Clown, laugh. Even though your heart may be breaking.” I’ve experienced this so many times, I’ve begun using it as a defense mechanism. 8 years ago

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