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complete NaNoWriMo

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cmcdevitt 5 months ago


I was two days ahead of schedule; work got in the way, now I’m at 36.6K with 8 days to go. 5 months ago

alchemykitten 3 years ago

TattleTells 7 months ago

brokenbones 7 months ago

devitto 15 months ago


MidnightSky78 15 months ago

ElsieKeaton 16 months ago

whoopdedoo 17 months ago

Jolie NoggleI'm done,son!

final word count : 50,049
I still want to edit my story and tweak a few things.
So i may actually end up with a higher final word count.
(i seriously doubt i will CUT anything and end up with a lower number)
I just have a few finishing touches….but since i hit 50,000 i consider myself DONE!
It’s awesome that i finished 10 days early, especially since i got a late start. I am very proud of myself. Even though i probably won’t publish this book
But I will set a few goal for myself: publish a book” lmao :D 17 months ago

Jolie Noggle 17 months ago

Tunni22 18 months ago

KellyFirst step complete - signing up!

I’ve signed up – and more importantly, i’ve told everyone about it, which should help me to keep going. Also written a scene by scene outline ready, though i’m still fleshing it out and getting to know my characters. 18 months ago

Kelly 18 months ago

SuziK 18 months ago

Raya 22 months ago

Sophie Train ClarkUntitled

I managed to complete it on the very last day with about 1 hour to spare! I think it was worth it, for me, doing anything that increases my creativity is worth while but I definitely wouldn’t do it again. 22 months ago

Sophie Train Clark 22 months ago


I’ve attempted it before but failed… 22 months ago

avocadolover 22 months ago

HannahTreRose 23 months ago

followmedown1 2 years ago

MillieMarch 2 years ago

Bladearundel 2 years ago

imnotdaisy 2 years ago

hauntedleg 3 years ago

hallsi1st semester of university

SO… I didn’t get to do it this year! I had just started uni and had wayy too much on my plate. Next year, I will be ready. 2 years ago

lycaenideCrossed the 50k mark

Yay! On Saturday 26th November my wordcount reached 50,000, and I finsihed the month with a grand total of 53,840 words.

My novel is only half finished, so I will need to spend another month writing feverishly.

This is such an achievment, I have not sat down and written anything like this for years. And it is the first time I decided on a plan, and stuck with it. I did change little ideas as the story developed, but I didn’t achange my whole idea or start from scratch (which is what I have done with nearly every project in the last five years). So pleased! 2 years ago

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