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Quit Smoking

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Samuel Mahaltaste of getting knocked down

I’ve never been knocked down so many time or taken so many hits in my life. But all i need to do is Dodge, run, evade, and escape :) 14 hours ago

ruthyc 15 hours ago

Thasurtkar 1 day ago

WiredN 4 days ago


i’ve really started. what took me so long?
I’m 5 days smoke free!! And i really really dont want to smoke right now, and i am not changing course 6 days ago

gaaabrielle 2 years ago

jenyerhot 1 week ago

Ryan Budding 1 month ago


hiii 1 week ago

felixflora 1 week ago

Ru ~ dig deeper9 lives!

Somehow I forgot to wave the Still Not Smoking flag last month (March 3 is our no-smokiversary). Nine years smoke free! This year was extra special, because the tens of thousands that we’ve saved on cigarettes since we quit went towards the down-payment on a home. So now we’ll not only live longer, but we have a place to do it in!

Extra strength to anyone here just tossing their last pack down. Quitting is difficult, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. You can do it! 1 week ago

Uriel BolandStart Date - 07/04/2014 Time 00:00 hrs

I will become a non smoker from this date on. Nothing will stop me from succeeding. I will prevail!. With out the aid of any substitutes or anything alike. Me mind is strong and I am young. la vita e bella!. Time waits for no man and you only live once!. I will succeed!. 1 week ago

JackEveryman2 months, 25 days, 10 hours.

Looking good. All clear. 2 weeks ago

meganhall 2 weeks ago

meetalishaikh 2 weeks ago

Nikola_Tesla 2 weeks ago

flouridefreeDay 26

Almost to a month already, and just discovered 43 things! Good luck and much perseverance to all! 2 weeks ago

flouridefree 2 weeks ago

MoonShadow7493Had a Kid

It changes your priorities somewhat! 2 weeks ago

MoonShadow7493 6 years ago

user1396234799 2 weeks ago

cynthakay 9 months ago

Uriel Boland 2 weeks ago

NordicSpirit15 Weeks!!!

Woo hoo! I did have some cigs a few weeks ago but I didn’t really want them that much. I actually threw half a pack of tobacco down the toilet which I would never have even dreamed of doing before. 3 weeks ago

maccalus 3 weeks ago

Sarah ChevalierTough, but so worth it.

I finally quit after several years of smoking, and it’s one of the best things I’ve accomplished. I feel so much better now that I’m not poisoning myself every day.

I forced myself to look at what could potentially happen to my body if I continued. It’s difficult to stay away sometimes, but it gets easier every day. I couldn’t bear the thought of cutting short my life with my wonderful husband, and that thought alone has kept me off them completely. 3 weeks ago

Sarah Chevalier 3 weeks ago

sexxintellect 3 years ago

JustdOiNiT 3 weeks ago

SienaSparks 3 weeks ago

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