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get a bike

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AOK 3 months ago

AOKFound one

on Craigslist yesterday and bought it. Old Specialized Globe that needs new tires. In the bike shop today getting new tires and a baby seat attached. Really looking forward to riding!

Next task is to get hubby’s bike in the shop for a tune up. 2 weeks ago

Bk216 4 weeks ago

KleinerFalkeDistance problems.

The irony about this is, that I have a bike, but it is just about 500km from where I am in the garage of my parents. As I am not at all fit enough to ride it across Germany I have to think about a way to get it here because I don’t want to buy a new one… 2 months ago

KleinerFalke 2 months ago

FreeRoadings 2 months ago

williammaskew1 3 months ago

changing_v 3 months ago

mybestwishes 4 months ago

ZijueHaha!! :)

I have a bike now!! :) I’m really, really happy now – I went cycling this evening and it was fantastic – such a lovely day, and it was so nice having the wind rush past as I went along! It feels really liberating, cycling around the countryside :) I can’t wait to check out more cycle routes! 6 years ago


I think I will have a bike by the end of this week :) I’m going to try a couple of shops I’ve thought of that are open in the evening and hopefully this should be sorted by Sunday! :) 6 years ago

ZijueSo close!

I very nearly got a bike today, but was disappointed when the only place I could find one was a shop in the city centre which was too small to have them made up ready to take away. I work during the week and it being bank holiday today, I was hoping to be able to take one away today, but no :( I don’t know what I’m going to do now – I could get it home delivered, I guess… I was really looking forward to being able to go cycling this evening with my boyfriend as it’s a nice day today, but I guess I shouldn’t have got my hopes up so much :( 6 years ago


I have now found out where I can go cycling when I do get a bike. There’s a dene near me that you can cycle in as well as going for walks, so that’s really handy. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a bike, but I think that it’s worth saving up for sooner rather than later, before I spend all my spare pennies on things I want but don’t really need… 6 years ago

ZijueImproving my fitness

I used to love cycling but during the last years at school, I didn’t use my bike and my parents got rid of it eventually while I was at uni. During university, I did get a bike but my fitness was so poor that I struggled with it, and without having anywhere to cycle other than the roads, I didn’t use it much either.

I don’t like cycling on the roads, but it’s much easier to find somewhere to cycle off roads where I live now, and with my goals to get fitter and healthier, I have renewed motivation to rediscover the joys of cycling :) I hope to get one after I’ve earned some money – I’ve only just started in my new job, so I’ll have to wait a little while! 6 years ago

adiri 5 months ago

allywood 6 months ago

MissyH82 8 months ago

gaaabrielle 12 months ago

stephmilford 13 months ago

StephieElizabeth 3 years ago

oceansaway91 14 months ago

Emmra 15 months ago

divadaahlingA Giant Gift

I got a bike for christmas and I love it so! best gift ever!!! 15 months ago

divadaahling 17 months ago

catherine2711 15 months ago

myles2016 16 months ago

incoherentI'll have to wait

winter is coming (actually, it’s here) so it’s practically pointless to get a bicycle right now. I think I’ll go shopping for one in March. so goal is on hold, but I intend to come back to it. I miss cycling! 17 months ago

incoherentI had to leave my in Europe :(

after 4 months and 2000+ miles on my USED, $200 bike, it simply was not worth paying the tons of fees to bring it back home.

So I have been sans-bike for 2 months. And god, I miss it. I thought I’d never want to cycle again, but I’m actually physically craving a long ride right now. 18 months ago

incoherent 18 months ago

RichardDone and went on tour

I had been riding a 125cc for a few months, but it wasn’t till i got a 600cc Honda CBF when i considered this complete, although unfortunately that was actually stolen after only a week…
My next bike fared better and I even went on tour with some friends although i then crashed the bike….

My advice, be careful, take your time to become a really good rider. It’s a great feeling, thrilling, exhilarating, but it’s easy to get over confident and thats when it becomes dangerous. 18 months ago

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