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hike at least once a month

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BeFreeexcited for this goal!

the very few times i have been hiking i loved it. so, must do more of it! i just moved to a new area so i can’t wait to get exploring on all the beautiful surroundings! 7 years ago

squishsquishbilly goat trail

nice. 8 years ago

geogalmoving to "spend more time outdoors"

moving this to simplify my list 8 years ago

geogalI missed my January Hike

I hope I don’t miss February! 8 years ago

geogalchanging this goal back to hike once a month

I tend to hike less in the winter, so I’ll change that goal again in the Spring. I went on a nice hike in Audubon park over Christmas break. I saw 5 deer. I need to plan a January hike. Maybe this weekend? 8 years ago

geogalchanging this goal

changing this goal from “hike at least once a month” to “hike at least twice a month”

I’m happiest when I’m outside, so for my goal to be “hike at least once a month” is simply not acceptable. Twice ain’t that great either, but I have to drive an hour and a half at the least to hike with my dog. 8 years ago

geogalHoosier National Forest

I camped and hiked in HNF last weekend. Heading to North Carolina on Thursday for a paddling class. Hope to get some hiking in before and after the paddling.
I heart October. 8 years ago


Barely got in my September hike. I went to Natural Bridge State Park on Friday. It was beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to far surpass one hike in October. I hope to do many. 8 years ago


Went hiking in the Gorge on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day. Going to try to go this weekend as well. 8 years ago

geogal4 times in July

Which isn’t too bad considering how freaking hot it is here this time of year.
Twice in J.J. Audubon State Park, once in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area (Monongahela National Forest), and once in the Red River Gorge (Daniel Boone National Forest). 8 years ago

linglingHiking, the ultimate and fun exercise

I hike almost whenever it is possible. And I encourage you do too. Find a mountain, a park, or a river and pack a bottle of water, you will enjoy this nice time away from the hetic city life, away from your annoying friends (if you have any), and away from everything. 8 years ago

Phil WilsonNeed to get the family involved

Now that my daughter is not involved in gymnastics anymore, we should have more time available to do things on the weekend. She will be doing competitive dance, but we should have at least one afternoon available.

There is a great trail system, the Trans-Canada Trail and many excellent Provincial parks to hike in around here9 years ago


I’ve been once a month since November – one more trip before hiking season is over for a while (anything beyong May in Louisiana is too hot to be enjoyable). The group I’m going with is going to pick things back up in October. 9 years ago


I live in Wyoming, there are so many places to explore. I see new and amazing things everytime leave i step out of my truck and into the wild. Plus my Black Lab, Bella, loves to get out of the house! 9 years ago

Emily Ca.the great outdoors.

a person can’t just walk down the street to go somewhere in Silicon Valley—the smog will kill your lungs. Besides, it’s the suburbs, where the fuck do you walk to? School? I’m 23. No more school. So, I better run to the hills and wear a sturdy pair of shoes. 9 years ago

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