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leave a HUGE tip to a waitress or waiter

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TimeyWimey17 2 months ago

user1390845566 2 months ago


I heard one day that George Clooney tips twice the bill, so I wanted to randomly tip something outrageous. One day I was at a bar and had maybe $20 in drinks. Feeling that this was the moment, I left $100 tip and walked out. I wrote on the check “This is not a mistake. Thank you so much for your great service! :)”. 3 months ago

wis3135 3 months ago

Katie Lake 4 months ago

Twenty4seven247 5 months ago

hardlious 8 months ago

sameehgo 12 months ago

CENUSAREASAwhat does HUGE mean?

any suggestions?? 13 months ago

Altruisticman 14 months ago

Altruisticmanbig tip to the waitres...

I need a fortnight to save my money to actually leave the size tip i want. I want to give it to someone who has a grid for appreciating it… ballanced against i dont want it to be about me. 14 months ago


MidnightDreamer22 2 years ago


Still looking. Nope, still haven’t found anyone worthy enough.
(P.S.: I always leave tips, since I spend 4 months every year with 4 waiters that just LOVE it when you tip them, but also love to curse when you don’t- thus, I always leave tips, just not “huge” ones) 14 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago


I have been trying, but no waiter has been “worthy” enough to get this treat, up until today, that is. I will keep looking, though! 17 months ago

CENUSAREASA 17 months ago

erinschelts 18 months ago

camisero 18 months ago

user37867 19 months ago

abean1121 19 months ago

noffsinger 19 months ago

Miss Villainess 20 months ago

ladyevaluna 20 months ago

JonathanCasimir 21 months ago

ceparish 21 months ago

oblea100x 3 years ago

Paks 7 years ago


SophiaMermaid 2 years ago

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