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get rid of my lesbian stalker


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An update- said stalker has recently gotten engaged, which means she has not been phoning as obsessively as she was before. It sounds like she is happy with her gf, which is good :) she is still phoning up a bit every now and then, but its a definite improvement 6 years ago

RyokoGemini'Lesbian Stalker'

I am straight. I have nothing against homosexual people. I want to make that extrodinarily clear. Several of my friends are homosexual, or bisexual, and there is nothing wrong with it.
However, this girl is very obsessional. It saddens me because she has the ability to be a good friend but ruins it with her obsessiveness. She calls loads. She is pushy. She is pretty bossy. She argues with whatever you contradict her with. It is getting very wearing. I want to make the boundaries clear. I am not sure if I can continue to be friends with her anymore because she is not going to change (Im sure its due to a personality disorder) but I want to make this clear as gently as possible because I don’t like hurting people. 7 years ago

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