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Colleen_C_C16 April

  • Supper together with two other couples, at the steakhouse after work smile10 hours ago

Colleen_C_C15 & 16 April

  • Always nice to see RJ&W smile10 hours ago

Colleen_C_C13 April

  • Book Club brunch (with five of seven members attending) smile3 days ago

Colleen_C_C11 April

  • Homemade pizza & salads for game night (four couples & two children) at B&N’s house smile4 days ago

Colleen_C_C9 & 10 April

  • Always nice to see RJ&W smile6 days ago

Colleen_C_C8 April

  • A late supper out with friends (L&J & S&D), following an interesting job-related community event, after work smile6 days ago

Colleen_C_C6 April

  • Good food & drink, along with great conversation, with MF, both at the art exhibit & at the restaurant afterward smile1 week ago

Colleen_C_C4 April

  • Supper out, at the noodle place, with P & SA smile1 week ago

Colleen_C_C31 March

  • Grateful for the concern, support, & love that my friends RJ&W expressed during our visit last night smile2 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C30 March

  • Brunch out with my spouse & three other members of our book club smile2 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C28 March

  • Good food & drink, & great conversation over board games, with AR smile2 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C27 March

  • “Required Fun” with colleagues after work grin2 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C26 March

  • Working supper with a colleague (BMc) smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C25 March

  • Lunch with W: yummy (but oooh, spicy!) pizza, at his favorite little pizza joint smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C22 March

  • Book club meeting, with about 15 people attending (two-thirds of whom had read the book), with shared “pot luck” food & drink, good conversation, & board games smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C21 March

  • Pleased to join four of my most supportive women colleagues for a semi-annual social event (that I coordinate): supper out together at a favorite local restaurant smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C20 March

  • Late lunch with a colleague (SJ) & one of our friends (BZ) smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C18 March

  • Late lunch, strong coffee, & lots of good talk with a friend & colleague smile3 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C17 March

  • Lunch with a woman colleague (who’s become a good friend!) smile4 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C15 March

  • Museum visits with RJ&W, including a car picnic mid-day & a stop for ice cream while traveling home this evening smile4 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C13 March

  • Supper out with D&K & their son to accompany our trip to a community/cultural center smile4 weeks ago

Colleen_C_C12 March

  • Lunch with “the gang” at a favorite little local Mexican restaurant (returning to our traditional haunt at the traditional day & time) smile1 month ago

Colleen_C_C11 March

  • A long lunch with a former colleague (TS), allowing time for a short walk in the park afterward smile1 month ago

Colleen_C_C10 March

  • Supper out with “the gang” at a favorite little local Mexican restaurant: five of us met at our traditional haunt (although at an untraditional day & time) grin1 month ago

Colleen_C_C6 March

  • Coffee with a colleague smile1 month ago

Yash780 1 month ago

Colleen_C_C2 March

  • Brunch with S&T at the little family-owned breakfast place near our neighborhood smile1 month ago

Colleen_C_C25 February

  • Always nice to see RJ&W (even though we didn’t have very much time, this time) smile1 month ago

Colleen_C_C21 February

  • Had a “Dagwood & Desserts Potluck” with my spouse, S&T, & BZ, who hosted us at his house. We shared lots of great eats – including a variety of sandwiches & relishes, washed down with beer & cider – & finished up with sweets: S&T brought caramel brownies, while B offered apple pie a la mode (frozen vanilla yogurt)—total decadence! grin1 month ago

Colleen_C_C18 February

  • Excellent time spent with RJ&W (as usual), including a pleasant visit over a restaurant meal (even though the food wasn’t very good) tonight smile1 month ago

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