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be a good wife

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How To Become A Good Wife

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for an hour friday morning and on saturday. 3 months ago

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let the hard work begin 17 months ago

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Theskysthelimit1976Movie Madness!

My husband LOVES watching movies. It is usually like pulling teeth to get me to watch movies but recently I’ve been all about it. I know he likes it and we have a great time!

I feel really good about our relationship. I think I have been more fun and light and joking… and I feel like I’ve been more affectionate… sometimes mixed with silly but still affectionate.

It’s funny…. when I think “be a good wife” I think about “getting things done” like laundry and cleaning… that’s not what makes him happy at all. Me being happy and light and free… that’s what makes my husband a happy man. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier if it was just the laundry and cooking … lol : ) ...
But how good is that. By “being a good wife” by his standards, he is literally bringing out the best in me.

I love him … ((((((aspiringtoughmudder)))))) xxoo 17 months ago

Theskysthelimit1976Cheer Bomb My Husband!!

Hey all! My husband joined 43things and has his first goal!


I gave him a little tutorial on how to navigate 43things, comments, cheers, etc. If you want to drop by and show him how the community works, please feel free to do so!! I’ll forgo my cheer for him if you please! : )

  • Unfortunately, we will likely lose power and be MIA for days over here … Hurricane Sandy is on its way. But we will be back ASAP!* 18 months ago


Last night DH said I was a good wife because I introduced him to 43 things and he thinks he’d like to join. He said, “See, you are inspiring me to work on myself and my goals. And that makes me a better person.” That was nice.

Then this morning we got into a tiff over the way we were communicating. We need to figure out how to communicate better. 18 months ago


Tough night. DH and I got into a fight. I haven’t had a full day off since the baby was born 11 months ago. We agreed on this Saturday. I’ve been looking forward to it all week! He then told me tonight he wants to go to the gym and get his hair cut tomorrow and I got really mad. I just want ONE DAY off. I need space… And bear in mind, this is one day off where I keep coming back home to nurse the baby because I don’t have enough milk pumped! It’s not even a real “day off”. It realllllllly bothered me because it seemed like he was going back on his promise to me. It made me feel like my needs were somewhat unimportant and insignificant. .. .sure have your time after I do things… I know he needs his time and he doesn’t get that much either but he sure gets more than me! But I shouldn’s compare. That’s not what it’s about.

I compared him to other fathers we knw and pointed out that I am the only mother who has never gotten time off … I shouldn’t have compared him. That’s not fair. In the end I was able to acknowledge that I should have phrased my response to him differently. I should have talked from a feelings place but I didn’t. Frankly, it’s quite tough when you are sleep deprived and exhausted to have such presence of mind. It’s reallllly hard.

I hope I can continue to grow… and get some sleep … so I can be a better wife. 18 months ago

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