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Get at least 8 solid hours of sleep per night.


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Searching for a new way...Hit and Miss

Doing a lot better with this but still fighting old habits and racing thoughts due to all the crap going on with my ex and with my parents health. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Electronics

Moved everything possible out of our bedroom that is electronic or makes any kind of noise.

I also quit watching tv in there. Normally we would go in our room and watch tv for awhile after the kiddo went to sleep instead of watching in the living room. Really easy to end up staying up way too late that way.

I’m going to do all the things the books tell you to do and see if it helps at all. I don’t see it solving the problem but if it makes the difference even one night once in awhile then I’m all for it. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...This is my most challenging goal

It really is. Had two nights of practically no sleep in the last week. It’s not that I didn’t go to bed, it’s that I couldn’t go to sleep no matter what I did. I finally broke down and took sleeping pills for a couple of days. I hate them because the next day I feel groggy, but I couldn’t take another night like that. Slept almost 12 hours night before last with one interruption when my daughter got up to go to school. Got a full 8 last night but today all I really want to do is go back to bed cuz it’s all rainy and dreary outside. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Getting the sleep...

just not going to sleep early enough and I end up sleeping later than I really want to. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...The CD

The CD I bought is actually for weight loss and just eating healthy and exercising motivation in general. I’ve been listening to it at bedtime and it has been really good for the sleep. I have noticed that I have chosen juice over pop many times in the past few days since I started listening to it and that I have been pretty motivated on the activity levels. I think the carb highs from last weeks birthday meals are what is making me crave but the food choices haven’t been great so I don’t know if it’s working on that front, but the other three results are encouraging. March 16th I switch from the guided meditation to the unguided. At that point I am going to use it for part of my daytime meditation and switch over to a new CD…probably one specifically for sleep. I can seriously see on my face that I’ve gotten some rest though and that’s saying a LOT since I’ve looked absolutely exhausted for a long time now. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...For now...

There is a series of CD’s for various purposes that claim to affect the different brainwaves in order to help you sleep or lose weight or be more healthy, etc. I bought a CD and plan to buy more of them. I can’t tell you for sure that they do exactly what they claim to in the way they claim to be doing it, but I do know that I have gotten real sleep the past two days. If this continues then I am going to buy another one in a couple of weeks and see what it might accomplish. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Better...

Still not great and I still don’t have restorative sleep on a lot of nights, but I’ve at least been doing better about trying to get at least 8 hours a night. Quit taking the sleeping pills altogether since they really didn’t seem to help much in the long term. I hate taking any of that kind of stuff anyway. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Yippee!

Couldn’t afford to refil my chantix since my last post because insurance doesn’t pay for any of it and it’s not cheap, BUT I’m getting it filled again today so Look Out Sleep, Here I Come!! 7 years ago

Searching for a new way...Cool

The stop smoking pill is still doing a pretty good job of helping me with the quality of my sleep. I think that now I may have the motivation to adjust my sleep habits. In the past it had gotten to the point of feeling like “whats the point in going to bed on time if I’m not going to sleep anyway”. It just felt like a complete waste of time to even bother. But now that I’m actually getting rest when I sleep I think I’m ready to change some other things to take advantage of it. 7 years ago

Searching for a new way...This one is a challenge

Sleep for me is like a desperate longing for an old lover that has disappered. The sweet memory is there, but alas I cannot seem to catch up.

Having fibromyalgia and probably chronic fatigue means that sleep is either elusive or nonproductive on most occasions. For whatever reason, these diseases keep a person from hitting rem sleep when you do sleep and other times keep you from sleeping at all. Of course this lack of sleep leads to other issues like constant fatigue, decline in motivation, body aches, lowered immune function, etc. Sucks.

I’ve tried everything you can probably imagine to throw at me. From making sure my bedroom is comfortable and inviting for sleep to sleeping pills, I’ve done it all. Most sleeping pills don’t do a damned thing to me except make me feel hungover the next morning. Lunesta is the best of them and I do use them on a regular basis. HOwever, even they do not seem to really cut into the fatigue the next day. This past week has been better. Somehow the combination of the stop smoking drug I’m taking (Chantix) and the sleeping pills are giving me better results than anything else I’ve done. I actually GO to sleep AND, even better, I actually feel like I’ve rested!!!! I seem to lack motivation, which from talking to other people on Chantix seems to be somewhat common, but if someone else takes the lead I at least have enough energy to go along with them.

I am also learning to quit feeling guilty about grabbing sleep whenever I can. If I take a nap while my kid is in school or at her dads house, who cares? Well, it seems that a lot of people care. You wouldn’t believe how many crappy comments I’ve gotten from family and friends about it. The only time it impacts their lives is if they want to talk to me for some reason so I’m not sure why they care so much, but I finally had to get a second phone line with a number that only the school and my daughter have in order to be able to sleep in the mornings if I need to. Amazing how noone seems to understand the words “Please don’t call me in the mornings because sometimes it’s the only sleep I get”. I think I may have finally gotten the message across….but I had to pretty much be rude about it. So far so good but we’ll see. Now that summer is here I will have to do something different if the pills stop working for some reason. But I’ll do whatever works…as long as it works. Maybe someone will discover a better way someday soon for those of us in this position. 7 years ago

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