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be the happy person I used to be

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SiobhanWas great yesterday...

...happy in my work, upbeat & positive, came down to earth with a bump, should say crash landing today. Hopefully when I get in things will have started shaping up in the kitchen front. 7 years ago


...work on the house responsible for this & going to move to a larger office (yet to be remodelled & sited) so will have my own again much better for working with my learners. 7 years ago

Siobhanquite positive & up beat at the minute...

...things seem to be going well at the minute which has a knock on effect in other areas in a positive way. Just recieved a certificate for a course I did on-line for a year & got some congrats from work colleagues, which was nice. Made the years study worthwhile. Went to see my line manager about something & she was on my side immediately & tried to sort it out, concerning a learner, so this made me feel good, glad to know I was supported. Also been on a course today that I’m working on to deliver to our staff, picked up some good ideas to incorporate & also proved to me that I had everything covered & knew what I was talking about.Hope it continues. Positive thinkiing is having a good effect on me. 7 years ago

SiobhanToday ...

...I am the person I used to always be, forgot how good it felt, hope this continues. 7 years ago

SiobhanStop trying to make everyone happy

Make sure I make myself happy 1st 7 years ago

SiobhanBack to basics

Went to Mum & Dads on days off this week for a break. Managed to get a new lease of life there. Never stopped was busy & got plenty of fresh air. Didn’t stay in bed as didn’t have the opportunity but loved my time. they live in the country which I suppose makes all the difference & they have a large garden which I always spend alot of time in. Only down side is I get nothing done at home.May be that’s why I went, another distraction technique 7 years ago

SiobhanMind not quite motivated yet, still looking!

Finished the book. Still looking for answers, haven’t got the energy or will yet to go about it, need to do less thinking & more doing. Passed the book onto another friend. 7 years ago

SiobhanStill reading

busy hi-lighting book to aid retention. I should be able to complete a book myself by the time i’m finished. still looking for the spark. 7 years ago

SiobhanA question

Anyone got any top tips? I need all the help I can get! 8 years ago

SiobhanReading self help books

Just bought & read ‘Cosmic Ordering’ & reading ‘The Motivated Mind’ (Dr Raj Persaud). Trying to become positive thinking. Now adopting “Peace be with you” when encountering negative thoughts, people & situations. Will let you know how it’s going. Already am beginning to see the positive side of things. 8 years ago

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