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Create A 5 Year Plan

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Create A 5 Year Plan

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Becky 2 weeks ago

Elaine Shi 3 months ago

Trula 3 months ago

luky279 4 months ago


I am either studying in Newcastle for 4 years or starting my career here. My other main activities are tai chi and language-learning, so I don’t feel that there are too many other things to consider. I’m not going to make a strict plan because life doesn’t often work in that way, but I feel that the above is a flexible guideline. 6 years ago


This is definitely sorted, because Newcastle is a big enough place to give me plenty of opportunities for a career, and I really like living here. I feel established here, with a life outside of work, and I wouldn’t want to lose this by moving away so soon. So, I am almost certain I will be here for at least the next 5 years :) 6 years ago

11krage 3 years ago


Updated goals as of October 1st 2013


-feel fit and healthy! make moves to get into the best shape of my life!
-stick to my new budget strategy
-prepare for a 5k race in the fall
-make all my christmas presents because i saved NO money.
-figure out how to make my working years productive and happy
-Start research for a possible book.
-make a point of going out with friends once a week.
-grow and preserve from a container garden.
-keep growing my love for self and for my partner into a greater sense of lovingkindness.
-wear a size L by my 30th birthday and a size M by my 31st
-go somewhere seriously cool by yourself.
-keep on top of that budget it is going to set you free!
-make moves to make our house a home, nest!
-do what makes you happy, volunteer, nap, draw, talk on the phone, write!

-Fit into mary’s leather jacket
-Relax and enjoy the westcoast trips with minimal stress. see who you can but don’t be a crazy chicken.
-get engaged. (?)
-prepare for a 10k race in the fall
-Make sure your day to day life is fun and fulfilling
-Make stuff!!! sell it and give it away!
-try to learn more about my nieces/nephews as they grow up.
-take good care of myself, my body, my mind
-farm! get involved with cedarvale community garden etc.
-plant perennials in the front yard, for years to come!
-Find a way of keeping up with the ladies, they are wonderful and important people in your life no matter where everyone is living!
-love what you’re doing and if you don’t, rethink it.

2015 (32 y.o.):
-knuckle down on your life, enjoy what you have built.
-There is always taking care
-start hosting parties/dinners for close friends who wont mind that we’re not quite grown up grown ups!
-Start a fun and wacky tradition among friends and family.
-Write that book about learning. do it. get it published. you won’t regret it.
-visit anna and aaron, miller and BABY!
-write something and get it published!
-Keep looking for new trouble

2016 (33 y.o.):
-Personal debts Paid off… go it alone if you can afford it.
-Publish something about my work, take credit for the weird and wonderful work you have done.
-spread the love, volunteer to make the lives of others in your community more full of love and opportunity. Become a mentor.
-hang out with my armstrong babes!

2017 (34 y.o.):
-make a business plan for yourself, not the market or the thing that makes sense, for YOU and trust that your talent will bring success!
-Grow us much food as possible in succession
-share the love!
-spend lots of time
-pick a team and become a sports fan again!

2018 (35 y.o.):

-increase my retirement savings by amount of previous debt payments
-grow your business
-write postcards/letters/blogs
-go out with my girls once a month
-start looking for farm/land/cottage place where i can build a tiny house and grow a permaculture food forest 6 months ago

scorpyon 6 months ago

Melodon 7 months ago


Vericuester 7 months ago

Vericuester5 year plan

I asked my boss about advice for grad school. She has 2 masters and recommended I make a 5 year plan. One of my coworkers has also suggested this. Since I am off tomorrow, I will do this and make a list of positive/negative coping skills to help with self-management of my mental illness, anxiety, depression, grad school, work life, etc. 7 months ago

Andrew WoodsStarted yesterday

I’m reading a book about building a better network of relationships and how it can help meet your goals. A key point was how having goals and writing them down is essential I have some goals for this 2013 and 2014, but not much beyond that yet. 43things is a mix of dreams and tasks, but what this plan is about is goals. A goal is “a dream with a deadline”. 9 months ago

moblion 10 months ago

Achilleus27 10 months ago

slapthefatcat 10 months ago

divingbelle 11 months ago

11krageOK. New five year plan. Mostly around writing. (updated 03/08/13)


Get a job (done)
Write twelve shorts (done 5/12)
Have ten shorts submission ready (3/10)
Publish at least one short (done)
Finish first draft apate (done)
Complete editing course using apate (done 9 of 21)
Write first draft of another novel (prob in nov)
Get apate query ready

Enter apate into amazon breakthrough novel
If don’t win, submit apate
Put nov novel through editing course
Write ten shorts
Have ten shorts submission ready
Have nov novel query ready
Write at least two first novel drafts
Edit fully at least one of them
Have third novel query ready
Have at least twenty shorts published


Write ten shorts
Have ten shorts submission ready
Write at least two first novel drafts
Have five novels fully edited
Have at least one novel published
Have at least 30 shorts published
Have fourth and fifth novels query ready

Write 10 shorts
Have 10 shorts submission ready
Write at least two first novel drafts
Have seven novels fully edited
Have at least three novels published
Have at least 40 shorts published
Have six and seventh novels query ready

Write 10 shorts
Have 10 shorts submission ready
Write at least two first novel drafts
Have nine novels fully edited
Have at least five novels published
Have at least 50 shorts published
Have eighth and ninth novels query ready 11 months ago

micmerci 11 months ago

HoffyNot there yet..

I have figured out what i want to do the next 3 years when it comes to work and education, i will go to University and study Behavioral science, and that is a big step for me knowing what i want to do finally. I`m 30 years old and i have tried out different kinds of work, and i have studied different stuff, but never got the feeling that i was on “the right track”.. This time my decision feels more right than ever..
I know now more than ever that reaching the goal is not the most important thing for me, it´s the amazing and exciting journey it brings me, so i will do my best to have as much fun as possible doing this..
Soo! I got that part figured out (for now). But i`m still not satisfied when it comes to other sides of my life..So i will not set this goal as done, not yet.. 12 months ago

laurapuckett69 12 months ago

troutgirl1 12 months ago

aceAlcyone 12 months ago

rawrrreagan 13 months ago

BJChambers 13 months ago

rabbit hearted girl 13 months ago

rabbit hearted girl5 year goals

In 5 years I want to have a great job in my industry, be in the best shape of my life, and have begun traveling the world.

• Chicago, New York, Seattle, Alaska, Hawaii
• Within California: Lake Tahoe, big bear, Yosemite national park, Catalina island, Napa valley
• Britain, Scotland, Bali, Japan, France, ect.

• Open an IRA
• Have retirement savings vs. Rainy day savings
• $3000 a year for rainy day/emergency savings and $5000 a year for retirement

• Have a successful blog
• Become an expert at painting, drawing, sculpting
• Be respected in my field
• Work at one of the major studios on a major picture

• Have an inspirational home
• Learn to decorate
• Have a clean and tidy place to rest
• Be a decent cook

• Reach my ideal weight
• Be toned and lean
• Not be afraid to wear a bikini
• Have nice abs
• Stay in shape
• Eat healthy foods
• Be super flexible

Overall/ Superficial
• Dress nice
• Be more feminine
• Develop better posture
• Wear Dresses weekly
• Learn how to properly apply makeup
• Learn how to do hair

• While in California go to the beach as much as possible
• Video Games 13 months ago

MandisaDon 13 months ago

MandisaDonTo get a lucrative sync liscensing deal for my artist

Her 1st single is complete and it it a fantastic song which I intend to exploit for sync purposes. 13 months ago

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