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1) Walk as much as possible. It’s my primary mode of transportation.
2) Cut down on packing.
3) Buy less stuff. 9 months ago

carecalder 5 years ago

greenandblkKeeping Green

Here’s some things I’m already doing in my everyday life:

1. Walking for both health and environment
2. Living close to urban areas where everything is easily accessible
3. Smaller living space
4. Using reusable shopping bags
5. Keep 2 important books(references, or books I will need for spiritual enlightenment and other self-motivation)
6. Build a digital library (Kindle)
7. Living a minimalist lifestyle

I will continue to improve on remaining green. 11 months ago

greenandblk 11 months ago

MangoShine 17 months ago

Firnsang 2 years ago

Rainbow S. Sparks 6 years ago

Rainbow S. SparksMarking this as done!

Sure, I could always do more to protect the environment and reduce my footprint, but reading my previous entries made me realize that the changes I made (separating the waste, not getting the plastic bags anymore, try to buy local) really stuck. They don’t cost any energy and thinking anymore, so that’s a good thing. The plastic bags I do happen to get are all used as garbage bags afterwards. We all need garbage bags anyway. Some things I’d like to do are not possible right now. I’m not in charge of my energy supplier (the landlord is), I don’t own a garden, so no composting. Still I feel I contributed to this goal a lot, just by being aware. Yes, sometimes I do choose something that is not good, but at least I’m aware of it. And besides that, I like banana’s too much to give up on them, just because they are grown far away ;).

If my situation changes I can always retake this goal :). 17 months ago

victoriafaye 17 months ago


johnest 2 years ago

SegsyGarage Sale

recycling used and old things. Keeping minimal posessions?? I have so much… stuff… It just sits and doesn’t get used. Why bother to have it. Especially if doesn’t have any value. 18 months ago


picking up bottles or cans I find while taking my daily walks. This is working double duty because not only am I recycling but I am using the recycling money to donate to the Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s disease and colitis. 19 months ago

johnestClothes line reinstated

I have gotten in the habit of just conveniently throwing my clothes into the dryer, but no more, these two little wires just save so much energy and the clothes end up smelling great. 19 months ago

LeeLens 21 months ago

johnestClean up the environment(?)

I am so tired of creating trash in my wake and it has to stop! As part of the April Boot Camp I will be carrying my canteen with me. I am going to try to imagine that I don’t have or have access to trash cans. It’s great that I’ve chosen also not to drink sodas because those, and coffee cups, are what create the majority of my trash. I recycle everything, of course, but that’s not a good solution for me. I want to be fastidious about this and not forget about it in the course of the day. It means that I have to bring my thermos or drink coffee in the shop. If I carry a water bottle, then I will drink water, it is made so easy for me by the copious amount of fountains on campus and water is free! I am going to go set out the bottle right now so’s that I don’t forget tomorrow. 20 months ago

LeeLensGreat site for water footprint!

New favorite challenging site 21 months ago

johnestPlanter cups

All through the winter I tried not to use any to-go cups but when I did I saved them so that when spring came I could use them for seedling pots. In this way, I have not thrown away any cups for a few months and the ones that I am using for seedlings now will be compostable by the time the plants are ready for new homes in the ground, and if they are not, I will use them again in the fall. I am sorry that I don’t have a picture of them all in their rows looking like an army advancing on the garden. 22 months ago

sleepingfrogzz 2 years ago

Unelms 2 years ago

nanamiogirlthings i already do and i need to do now!

i already do:
1. walk or ride the bus everywhere
2. live in a apartment
3. use reuseable materials (bottles, shopping bags ect.)
4. buy secondhand stuff
5. turn off lights
6. use less water
7. don’t use the heater
8. don’t replace until very broken
9. keep techonolgy on low energy plans and settings

things i need to do:
1. reduce meat intake
2. buy more green and recycle products
3. buy green clothing or reused
4. buy oraganic
5. buy efficent light bulbs
6. support environmentally friendly companies
7. recycle when possible
8. buy locally
9. unplug everything in not using expect my alarm clock 2 years ago

nanamiogirl 2 years ago

IvymereIn the workplace...

We waste SO MUCH PAPER at work. I’m starting an area for recycled/scratch paper so for anything that doesn’t have to be formal, we can use scratch paper. Or we can recycle it later.

I’m also going to designate a recycling trash bin for the cans and bottles (and tell everyone that whoever wants to take them to the recycling center to cash in can do so). I’ll add two more little bins (one upstairs and one downstairs).

It’s not much and it’s very basic, but since we don’t have those implemented yet, I’m trying to implement slow, small changes.

We also have a water dispenser that we order gallons from this company called Menehune. Anyway, for years, the habit of my coworkers have been to purchase these tiny-ass cups (like one-sip worthy) to use for themselves so obviously they can go through these a million a day (okay I exaggerate, but you know what I mean). So I left a note asking that people bring their own mugs or bottles to try and keep the paper cups for clients only. Soon, I’ll convince my boss to give me a budget to actually buy customized bottles for everyone! 2 years ago

UbermenschXXX 2 years ago

crazedhoneyRead David Suzuki's Green Guide

I just finished reading this book and it’s life changing stuff. Many things suggested to make a smaller ecological footprint I do but i’m still a long way of Zero Waste.

Things I already do
  • Compost
  • Buy second hand clothes
  • Buy local fruit and vegetables when possible
  • Only use car when I have to and combine trips
  • Recycle clothes, plastics, paper, glass, metals.
  • Turn off lights when not in room/needed
  • Wear more clothes instead of turning on the heater
  • Re-use bottles, bags, containers
Things I need to do
  • Reduce meat intake
  • Buy products that don’t use Palm Oil
  • Refuse to buy products with heaps of packaging (and message company telling them why I’ve stopped buying their products)
  • Catch the bus more (instead of driving)
  • Take own bags when going shopping
  • stop junk mail
  • Support small Eco-friendly company’s

That’s all I can think of for now but it’s a start. 2 years ago


SegsyI lost track of this goal

My mom got me a counter top compost bin. I empty it usually once a week. It does not smell and comes with biodegradable bags. I love it! The picture is not the one I have but close enough. 2 years ago

Collectorofcats 7 years ago

Collectorofcats I'm marking this completed

I’ve done what I can within reason to decrease my carbon footprint:
Grow vegetables without pesticides
Recycle paper
  • Go paperless when possible
  • Reuse things that I would normally throw away.
  • Donate items that otherwise would be discarded
  • Make every trip in my car count
  • Walk when possible
  • Purchase food that is locally produced
  • Make purchases of nonfood items based on origin of manufacture. (If it is made in China where there is no control of industrial wastes, do I really need it?)

I’m sure there are things I can do or have already done not listed here and I’ll strive to keep doing them.2 years ago

thenewpaulmyers 2 years ago

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