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Meet 43 Things users at Maktub shows this April & May 2005


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Daniel SpilsGood People

It was nice meeting 43T folks across the country on this latest Maktub tour. An interesting, articulate group of people for sure. My impression is that 43T (or at least this specific goal) attracts people who are engaged and motivated to connect their online and offline worlds. Which is saying a lot.

I may have missed a couple of the people who showed up at shows, but in general I was able to connect and say hello. Thanks for coming out and supporting the band—and the site for that matter.

I’m in San Francisco today, headed for my final show in Portland, OR. I’ll be back in the office this week. Bye. 8 years ago

cynthiana3Introduced myself to Daniel

Though very briefly and in a very loud bar. Iota, for those not familiar with it, is a local club in Arlington, Virginia. They feature indie bands and is a favorite for locals and even DC residents when they dare to cross the river. The set started out with Scratch Track, a beat-box/guitar back band. Very entertaining and enthusiastic band. The crowd was at near capacity by the time Maktub went on stage. The sound crew did a wonderful job. Lights and everything! The band seemed to have a good time and the audience as well. I’m really glad I made this one of my 43 Things. I wish all of them a lot of success. Go hear them when they come. You will not regret it! 8 years ago

ErikThat was a very, very good idea

Maktub rocks. I’m a new huge fan. I might have to start touring with the band. Anyone want to come?

Thanks, Daniel!

-Erik 8 years ago

D73no June dates?

although I will undoubtably be there anyway I am just curious if this offer is good for the June 3rd show in Bellingham? It be cool to give you guys props and shake a hand or two. 8 years ago

bucho_dtsan franciscan

with this very same goal… funny, hope to see ya’ll round 5.27.05 in san francisco! 9 years ago


Cya in Chicago! 9 years ago

kcherrywaBut only if someone from 43T invites me personally

That’s not a threat, it’s a promise! 9 years ago

Daniel SpilsMaktub & 43 Things on tour

I’m leading a double life in 2005: the release of 43 Things on January 1st and the release of a new album Say What You Mean on April 12th. My band Maktub is going on tour most of April and May and I thought it would be cool to see if I could meet some 43 Things users along the way. I’ve set aside 5 tickets for 43T users for each Maktub show on our US tour. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the following dates:

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