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incoherentWell, I've been doing it

I’ve been putting on lotion every day after my shower (I found that 2x per day was too much, I felt too greasy) and I have hardly had any itchiness for ages. I’ve also cleared up all those ugly red patches. My skin looks great!

I think at some point I will find a more expensive moisturizer for my face, but for now I’m happy. 13 months ago

incoherent 18 months ago

incoherentmy perfect moisturization routine

I’ve been moisturizing like crazy (I have incredibly dry, itchy skin all the time). once in the morning, once at night. full body. well, I don’t think I need to do it twice a day. my legs and hands are my problems areas (where the eczema festers) so I will do those in the morning, then my full body at night. it feels nice to not be itchy all the time!! 17 months ago

antimony3 4 years ago

Spatz 2 years ago

Spatz100% better

Since I’ve been cutting out milk for my coffee (at work and home) and using lactose free milk my skin has improved a lot.
I’ve been using my 7 day moisturizer during the week and my ginger souffle on the weekend and no itching at all!

So I think I can mark this goal done :-)

picture via pinterest21 months ago

SpatzTracking back

Nooo, it’s not the moisturizers or body washes or shower gels that made me break out.It’s just that my skin is too dry.

Oily but dry. I’ve never known such a thing existed but here we go.

Now ain’t that fun?

At least I can go back to using my beloved shower gel and my ginger body souffle.

And I’ve got to remember to do this daily. Not just on the weekends.

picture via pinterest22 months ago

SpatzBetter :)

I found the reasons for the breakouts – my beloved shower gel and the face wash.

Booh. Booth were subtely fragranced and I loved them.

Well, for the moment I’m using a medicinal shower gel for sensitive skin and a face wash for excema prone skin.

Skin is starting to heal. If it continues, I might be able to start using my moisturizer again soon!

picture via pinterest2 years ago

Bente2012 2 years ago

SpatzSomething is wrong :-(

I keep breaking out.
Even in the face and that never happend in the last 4 years?
I’ll have to check everything to find out what is causing this. I bought unscented lotion aimed at people with excema and it’s not a lot better…
Some allergy or is it the stress at work or ?????
Not fun. 2 years ago


after getting a massage I keep moisturizing and my skin is supersoft! 2 years ago

Miss Villainess 2 years ago

SpatzI've had it

With this moisturizer.
In theory, I know that any cream or lotion containing fragrance will be no good for my skin.

Do I buy fragrance free lotion for sensitive skin?

Well, what did I expect? I’ll buy some nice unscented lotion at the drug store tomorrow and just give this “old” lotion away…. 2 years ago

mollyfulton 2 years ago

JeniCat 2 years ago

SpatzNot really better...

The new Body lotion causes some break outs – that I could live with, but: my legs are itching again. And they are scaly.
So much for the seven days.
Back to every day. Then I’ll see… 2 years ago

FernCat 2 years ago


I found a lotion that doesn’t break me out and that is keeping me hydrated enough so that my legs don’t itch after my morning shower.
OK, it was easy to moisturize in my vacation.
The real test will come when I’m back at work next week.
Good thing: The lotion claims to work for 7 days :) 2 years ago

SpatzFirst Month

was a total failure.
I managed to buy a new Body Lotion claiming 7 days of soft skin.
Perhaps I should use it every now and then? 2 years ago


I really should. My legs are itchy.
But most body lotions make me break out.
Only Cliniques Body Butter or Neutrogenas Sensitive Lotion don’t.
I want something more fun!
Mope. 2 years ago

karissal 3 years ago

JustDoit2011 2 years ago

Sarena37 3 years ago

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