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think positively

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shilpasalian 1 week ago

katgrid 2 weeks ago


well, so this goal is something that I’ll probably be working on my whole life. I’m NOT a positive person. The best I can do is accept my reality.
Through yoga and meditation I’ve learned to be more calm and in peace with life. I realized I can’t fight some things and sometimes I can’t help I feel the way I feel. I think that’s a big accomplishment already.
I think my goal now is not to be angry and disappointed with myself. Because I’m getting bitter and I don’t want to. I don’t want to wait for something to happen so my “better life” can start. And that’s the way I feel. I’m constantly waiting and I don’t even know what for. I have this feeling that I’ll be more happy in the future, that things will be better in the future, that the future will be so intense and fun.
When I fall in love, when I loose weight, when I get a job … the list of “conditions” can be endless and I know it doesn’t make sense. 4 months ago

Ellaida Grace Baylon 5 months ago

KezzaLJ 6 months ago

LifeOfPia 8 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

Life is great right now, so great :)
LOVE feeling so positive, may it continue forever<3 10 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

over a month ago now, i posted this:-
“Recently, I feel so positive!
I have so many blessings in my life and I am so grateful for them and really just trying to enjoy them. Recently I just have no reason to be anything but positive and happy :) Wish this feeling would last forever! ♥”
I’m so happy that i can say that this feeling has continued every day till now :) Thanks be to God<3 10 months ago

Kato_my heart

so, again something has happend and it changed my point of view completly.
I always say life makes no sence, but at the same time I’m the most obsessed person I know. I worry, overthink, drive myself crazy because of stuff that shouldn’t matter with my point of view for life.
Somebody told me lately I’m making to much decisions with my mind instead of my heart. I don’t really know this person so maybe it’s something he always says – but anyways, that’s so very true when it comes to me. And why do I give my mind, my reason the voice so often, when there’s nothing resonable in this world ?
I just don’t want to be insecure, self-conscious, apprehensive all the time. Maybe it doesn’t seem to have anything with “thinking positively” – but it does. I need to let go of THINKING all the time in the name of being happy. 10 months ago

bubblepopsicle 11 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

A positive mindset is really such an incredibly powerful tool :) 11 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

Recently, I feel so positive!
I have so many blessings in my life and I am so grateful for them and really just trying to enjoy them. Recently I just have no reason to be anything but positive and happy :) Wish this feeling would last forever! ♥

And yet, I also feel i’m at a crossroad in my life, I have some thinking to do, some decisions to make… 11 months ago

erinjaynesmiles 12 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

Postivity really is a mindset, a mindset that you can definitely train yourself to have. The happiest and most positive of people arent those who have the best of everything, they just learn to be happy and positive with what they do have. #think positive! 13 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

I’m feeling pretty negative at the moment. I feel like there is so much in my life that i want to change and so much i want to do and that im just not fulfilling my full potential in this life. I also know that the only thing that is really holding me back is myself. My negativity, my lack of confidence, feeling scared what others will think of me, my social anxiety and so on…
And i think, what if i were to just start thinking postively? what if i were to just start fulfilling my full potential? what if i were to just start changing the things that i want to change? Who said i cant? what’s stopping me? No one and nothing! Only myself. 13 months ago

trumbley22 13 months ago

Clovenne 13 months ago


It really tells a lot, what I wrote last time, that it’s really dependent on people how I feel.
Nobody has time these days. Including me. But I can really do a lot in the name of friendship. I need this. I need to see my friends, people who I love, I need to be surrounded by them, feel their interest, I need to know they miss me. Maybe it shows how desperate I am. I don’t know. I’m single. Without my friends I don’t exist.

I realized I focus too much on how my relationships with certain people used to be. When things change, I can’t accept it. I wish I could so it’d be possible to build on what we have now …
It’s so painful when somebody doesn’t have time for me. Because when I’m lonley, I don’t see the point of living. 13 months ago

ChaosMorning 14 months ago

LaciaLacquer 14 months ago

Lucija Jelic 2 years ago


know that you’re the best. that other people are their to fund your lifestyle and boost your ego. think you are the best and pretend you’re not a lying thieving loser who signs on and works and steals money from friends, ex wife and kids. needs must. be positive and you’ll make it big….or at least pretend that you have. 14 months ago

davesmithflow 14 months ago

Kato_I'm so happy now

Now I’m in a phase when things are in my life are like a sine wave. I feel very loved right now, surrounded by wonderful people. I take yoga, it’s becoming a new hobby and a way to explore myself. I look at the mirror and think – this girl is cool.
At the same time I feel exhausted with my “work life”, I’m lacking inspiration and self confidence to develop myself profesionally.

So I can be high as the sky one day and very very VERY low the next. I think it’s really dependent on people, they make my life better. I wish I wasn’t feeling so lonley so often. 15 months ago

43tings 15 months ago

norastelladora 15 months ago

candicetiara 15 months ago

FunkyFettucini 15 months ago

osnatpl 16 months ago

Blessed ♥Untitled

Thinking positively just has such an amazing effect on everything. I’ve always been a relatively positive-minded person but lately i seem to be edging more towards having a pesismistic (sp??) mindset. I hadnt actually really thought about it until a friend commented on it and then i realised i have not been very positive at all recently! I’ve pushed so hard to think positively the past 2 days and it’s really making a difference, i actually feel happy just because i’m pushing myself to think optimistically, i like it and i just hope i can keep it up! :) 16 months ago

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