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user1395352397 4 weeks ago

january botentrack

I need to find a way to track myself when I am doing this. I am pretty good at not complaining on social networks, but I know I could work on it in person. Also, I want to quit talking badly about people. I always feel gross after I am dpne doing it, so I just need to stop. 4 weeks ago

january boten 4 weeks ago

saraklutch 1 month ago

violace 1 month ago

Joannelle 1 month ago

miopaul 1 month ago

Lindsey DeLatte 2 months ago

user1390005075 3 months ago

afqx 3 months ago

FailureByDesignx4 3 months ago

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HyperChat 3 months ago

marwarebei 4 months ago

anna_maineac 4 months ago


I feel that complaining and criticising are two separate things, and that I now tend to criticise where I feel necessary, rather than complain. Obviously, I do get annoyed about situations, but I think I have gained greater perspective on these and have learned more self-control when it comes to expressing my opinion on these.

I will mark this goal as complete, but as usual, this is subject to me maintaining this. If I start slipping, then I will re-enstate this goal. 5 years ago

ZijuePositive Feedback

I have made some headway with this goal at least :) I do complain less than I used to, but I think that I could still do with cutting down a bit more before I tick this off as done. I think the main difference has been putting things into perspective before going off on one.

Realising that most people’s decisions are primarily revolving around them and their world means the worst that people do to you usually is simply not consider you. Unless these people have a really good reason to note your impact on them, any effect they have on you is going to be unintentional and basically, tough sh*t.

When I think of it like this, it seems like a waste of breath to whinge about the way the world works and the way people work, when a) I can’t do anything about it, b) I don’t do anything about it, or c) it just ain’t that damned important!! :) 6 years ago

jess_ens 4 months ago

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